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Melissa and Leander are looking for an apartment


Bachelorette Melissa Damilia: “Relaxed and beautiful relationship”

Melissa and Leander want to move in together

Melissa and Leander have been a couple for a few months now – at first secretly and since December everyone has finally been allowed to know.

 The  two of them regularly appear together on Instagram, whenever they spend time together in their long-distance relationship. “We make it so that we see each other over the weekend,” explains Melissa in the Bachelor podcast. ©

 The n Melissa goes to Aachen or Leander to Stuttgart. ©

 The  couple want to put an end to their commuting soon, because the two want to move in together. Melissa reveals in the podcast: “We are currently looking for apartments […] actually in NRW. “In the long run, she simply doesn’t want to commute anymore, even if that means that she has to leave her beloved Stuttgart.

So it works great between Leander and Melissa, as the Bachelorette once again makes clear: “I didn’t expect things to go so well with us.” ©

 The  25-year-old is simply completely happy with her “relaxed and beautiful relationship.”

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In the first Bachelor podcast episode with Steffi Brungs and Inken Wriedt, Melissa Bachelor thinks Niko and which of the candidates is her favorite.

In the video: Leander and Melissa have these nicknames for each other

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