Melody explains: That really went with Davide and Siria!


Now Melody Haase (26) speaks plain text!  The  eighth episode of CoupleChallenge got down to business – the dark-haired woman with the impressive bottom spent the night with Davide Tolone (21) and Siria Campanozzi (21). But on the morning after, the couple simply claimed that nothing had happened to Melo. Im Promiflash-Interview, the singer revealed exactly what happened between her, Davide and Syria ran that evening at couple camp.

In fact, there was no sexual intercourse. “What exactly went was: smooching and everyone touched everyone. I have to say – although you might expect differently from me – that’s my limit on TV”explained Melody retrospectively the situation. But even without the act she found the experience tingling: “It was nice to finally be able to touch ‘protected by the covers’.” On the show, she revealed that she had the genitals of Davide and Syria has touched and the two in return also hers.

For the former DSDS candidate, sex on TV is no longer an issue. “It is now almost normal that more is done in reality shows. Regardless of whether it is masturbation or sex between candidates, the viewer is taken into the most intimate situations. That would be too much for me”, revealed Melody.

TV couple Davide and Siria

Instagram / siriacampanozzi

TV couple Davide and Siria
Singer Melody Haase

Instagram / melodyraabbit

Singer Melody Haase
Siria and Davide, "Temptation Island"-Attendees

TVNOW / Pervin Inan-Serttas

Siria and Davide, Temptation Island attendees

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Melody explains Davide Siria


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