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Angela Merkel insists on “acting very quickly”: She wants to discuss how to proceed with the corona pandemic with the heads of government of the federal states next week – and not on January 25, as actually planned.

 The  Chancellor made this clear on Thursday evening in an online meeting of the CDU Presidium, as participants reported.


 The  coronavirus can only be stopped with significantly additional effort, said Merkel. ©

 The  mutation that has emerged in Great Britain is causing “great concern” and is very aggressive. ©

 The y are in a race against time and cannot wait until January 25 to make decisions. ©

 The  Chancellor was quoted as saying that only tightened measures could stop exponential growth.

“Too many exceptions”


 The  President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Robert Wieler, had previously also called for tougher countermeasures. “©

 The se measures that we are taking now – for me it is not a complete lockdown,” said Wieler. “©

 The re are still too many exceptions and it is not strictly enforced.” And with a view to virus variants, he added: “©

 The re is a possibility that the situation will get worse.” According to the Institute, 16 cases of the mutation that appeared in Great Britain are known to date in Germany, plus four cases from South Africa.

Germany Berlin |  Coronavirus |  RKI press conference, Lothar Wieler

Regularly informs about the Corona situation: Lothar Wieler

According to the RKI, the population in Germany is currently significantly less restricted in their mobility than in the first lockdown. On Sundays in December, for example, it became apparent that people were out and about much more often than in spring 2020, Wieler reported.

Merkel rejected a report in the “Bild” newspaper, according to which the Chancellery was thinking about the discontinuation of local public transport. Rather, the local public transport must be relieved by the fact that employees work more in the home office and thus the contacts can be further reduced.

Thuringia draws consequences

In Thuringia, the German state most severely affected by the pandemic, it has meanwhile been decided to postpone the state elections planned for April 25. It is not supposed to take place until September 26th – at the same time as the general election.

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Merkel bring corona crisis summit Germany


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