Merkel warns of virus mutations: “Eight to ten very hard weeks”


Chancellor Merkel warned against the spread of the coronavirus mutations in Germany at an internal meeting. Germany would face more tough weeks. It apparently does not rule out an extension of the lockdown.

In view of the coronavirus mutations, Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned of a further increase in the number of infections in Germany as well. “Germany faces eight to ten very tough weeks,” said Merkel, according to information from several participants in the security group of the Union parliamentary group. Against that ARD capital studio corresponding statements were confirmed.

Developments in Ireland have shown how quickly the virus can spread. There was a tenfold increase in the number of infections there within a short time.

Several sources contradicted a “Bild” report, according to which Merkel announced another eight to ten weeks of tough corona measures at the meeting. It was agreed in the meeting that this depends very much on how quickly the new virus variant spreads in Germany, according to participants. An extension of the lockdown was apparently not ruled out.

Mutation very contagious

The virus mutation B117 is considered to be much more contagious and is currently causing the number of new infections in the UK to skyrocket. Prime Minister Boris Johnson therefore tightened the lockdown.

In an expert hearing with Merkel and some prime ministers, the Charité virologist Christian Drosten also referred to the risk of a second virus mutation, which has spread widely in South Africa.

“Measures are starting to work”

Corona numbers are currently falling slightly in Germany. In view of this, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder spoke of a “cautiously positive trend”. “Most of the measures are starting to take effect,” said Söder about the current lockdown after a cabinet meeting in Munich.

Within 24 hours there were 1,740 new infections in Bavaria – almost 500 fewer than a week ago. With a seven-day incidence of 158.8, the Free State is in seventh place nationwide. That is only an interim result. It is still unclear how the holidays will affect. This will definitely be seen towards the end of this week. Söder emphasized that persistence and patience were still necessary.

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Merkel warns virus mutations ten hard weeks


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