Microsoft: Consoles have to wait – battle against Corona instead of Xbox Series X


Microsoft’s Xbox Series X fans are actually waiting for new consoles. However, the company is currently helping the government in the fight against Corona.

  • On January 19, 2021, Microsoft announced that it would support Washington state in the fight against the Coronavirus to support.
  •  The  group will have its headquarters as Vaccination center make available and also assume personnel and any costs.
  • By Microsoft Support could be in up to 45,000 people a day Washington be vaccinated.

Redmond, Washington© The  President of Microsoft, Brad Smith, announced at a press conference on January 19, 2021 that Microsoft in the fight against that Coronavirus with the government in Washington will work together. For that will Microsoft its headquarters in Washington to the Mass vaccination center remodel. ©

 The  President of Microsoft however, has other ideas in his battle plan in the fight against that Coronavirus. But with these plans he can really help the people in Washington help? You can find the answer here.

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Microsoft: syringe instead of Xbox Series X in the fight against the corona virus


 The re is a lack of space for hospitals in many parts of the United States. This is due to the overwhelming number of patients being treated by the Coronakrise the hospitals overcrowded. In order to cope with the rush and to make room for patients, opens Microsoft its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. ©

 The  building should be loud Smith be a site for mass vaccinations by next month.

According to Smith is the headquarters of Microsoft Has been empty for a long time because the employees work from home. ©

 The  President of Microsoft believes that Microsoft is a location for the people and the community. He believes that this measure would be exactly what the people of Washington need most right now. ©

 The refore, the Xbox Series X will soon no longer be on the agenda there, but the health of the population in Washington.

Microsoft: special measures in the fight against coronavirus

Microsoft not only wants to provide the space, but also the necessary staff for the Vaccination center. Additionally has Microsoft propose to support uninsured patients in covering costs and the entire administrative process of the Center to take over. So that would Microsoft probably play an important part and the state Washington relieve.

Microsoft President Brad Smith.

© picture alliance/dpa/World Economic Forum | Sandra Blaser

Brad Smith worked this plan with the governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, off. ©

 The  governor is certain that with Microsoft’s support, up to 45,000 people in Washington can be vaccinated. In Washington there have been almost 300,000 so far Coronafällen with a total of 7.6 million inhabitants. ©

 The  people there could through that Vaccination center of Microsoft the fear of the coronavirus will be taken away.

Next Microsoft Trade unions, cooperations, health care organizations and government units will work together. This is intended to meet the state requirements for vaccine distribution. Almost half a million people are in the US through that Coronavirus died. With the upcoming measures of Microsoft President Smith should that Coronavirus Halted and the tragic deaths stopped.

Microsoft: survive the corona crisis with united forces

That big corporations like Microsoft at the Coronahilfe participate is nothing new. Last year, the competition donated from Microsoft, Sony, $ 100 million for people through this Coronavirus have got into financial hardship. ©

 The  American companies Starbucks and Costco also worked alongside Microsoft assisting in the crisis by joining the Washington State Vaccine Command and Coordination Center. This organization aims to help with the efficient distribution of vaccines.


 The  entrance to Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

© picture alliance / dpa | Dan Levine

Also Microsoft has officially joined this organization. ©

 The  group brought during the Coronakrise the Xbox Series X out and made his faithful followers very happy. With the from Brad Smith planned help could Microsoft But now also enrich society outside of the gaming sector and play an important part in distributing the Crownimpfstoffes Afford.

Rubriklistenbild: © picture alliance / dpa | Dan Levine

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Microsoft Consoles wait battle Corona Xbox Series


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