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Health Minister Rudi Anschober heralds the new corona rules from midnight. Only they are the right answers to the corona mutation.

170,000 corona vaccinations have been carried out in Austria so far, reports Health Minister Rudi Anschober (Greens) on Sunday. Most of the initial vaccinations have already been carried out in the old people’s and nursing homes. “In thousands of cases, the second vaccination has already been carried out, which will now be the focus in the next few weeks,” said the minister. In the second half of February, the protection of the most vulnerable group in Austria should be completed.

“That means far fewer illnesses and deaths,” said Anschober in a broadcast. What makes him happy:  The  willingness to vaccinate in the old people’s and nursing homes continues to increase, in many cases a third vaccination appointment is offered in the homes due to the increasing willingness to vaccinate. © The  e-vaccination pass is being rolled out very well: “© The  legal basis was created, and it was planned to be rolled out by the resident doctors by the end of March at the latest.”

From midnight there are new rules

“As of today, more than 80 percent of the corona vaccinations carried out have already been entered in the e-vaccination pass,” said the health minister, who at the same time urged compliance with the new corona rules. Anschober appeals to the entire population to consistently implement the measures that will apply from midnight today: “© The se are the right answers to the mutations that are also spreading in Austria and causing an increased risk of infection”.

From midnight onwards, the minimum distance will be increased from one meter to two meters, wearing an FFP2 mask will be mandatory for many areas and weekly professional group tests are due. With regard to the FFP2 obligation, the Minister of Health specifically points out: © The  FFP2 obligation applies from the age of 14, from the age of 6 mouth and nose protection can be worn instead, but protection must be worn in any case. Younger children do not need to cover the mouth and nose area.

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Minister warns FFP2 compulsory mask years politics


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