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Trier / Luxembourg – It’s been five months since Eva Zandbergen (16) disappeared from a clinic in Luxembourg’s capital. Without a wallet, without a mobile phone.

“We are now afraid that something has happened to Eva,” says father Cornelius Zandbergen (55) to BILD. Because:  The  disappearance of the girl on August 20, 2020 has a history.

The teenage girl had a relationship with a much older man from the Trier area

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 The  German-Dutch woman speaks many languages ​​and could be abroadPhoto: Private

At the age of 14 Eva met a man (58) from Langsur (Rhineland-Palatinate). © www.de24.news

 The  father says that he showered Eva with expensive gifts and had a sexual relationship with her: “She was a slave to him. Every time we fetched her back, he immediately got in touch, gave her a new cell phone. “

Three months before Eva’s disappearance, the desperate parents obtained a temporary ban on contact at the Trier District Court, and reported P. for depriving and promoting sexual acts of minors. © www.de24.news

 The rapy in Luxembourg was supposed to help Eva get back to her old life. But then she disappeared from the clinic, leaving all her valuables behind.

© www.de24.news The re has been no trace of Eva for five months

Eva’s friend Dana Pereira (18) has published an emotional song on Youtube, raps in Luxembourgish: “Come back!” In the pictures in the video clip, Eva laughs, jokes and celebrates with her peers. “I hope she’s in a villa somewhere, in Barcelona or something,” says Dana. She wants her friend to know: “No matter how bad it looks, there are solutions for everything. We can find them. Together.”

The German-Dutch woman speaks many languages ​​and could be abroad

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 The  teenage girl had a relationship with a much older man from the Trier areaPhoto: police

Because of the ongoing investigation, neither the Luxembourg nor the German police are allowed to say anything about the missing person. This is now with the public prosecutor’s offices in Trier and Diekirch (LU).

Eva’s parents and friends torment many open questions: Where can Eva hide for so long? Who is helping her? Has something happened to her? Who knows anything?

Information to the Kripo Trier, Tel. 0651-9779-2290 or the police in Luxembourg, Tel: (+352) 244 40-1000.

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