Mitt Romney: Trump fans abuse Republican MPs on plane (video)


See the video: “Traitor, traitor” – Trump fans abuse Republican Mitt Romney on the plane.Passengers on a flight from Salt Lake City to Washington DC shouted at Republican MP Mitt Romney.

This video is currently spreading rapidly on Twitter, where it has already been viewed more than 1.7 million times.

Other videos showing Mitt Romney being besieged and abused by Trump fans at the airport before departure are also clicked a million times.

The reason for the verbal attacks on the US Senator:

Mitt Romney previously announced that he would vote to recognize Joe Biden’s election victory.

In the formal post-election procedure in the USA, the election results from the individual states are still to be certified in Congress.

On Wednesday (from 7:00 p.m. CET) both chambers of congress will meet for a joint session to read out the votes from the states, count them and officially announce the final result. Only then is it official who has won the US election.

Various Republican MPs and Senators are supposed to plan a disruptive action. It could significantly lengthen the formal processes.
The disruptive action has no chance of changing the outcome of the election. Both chambers of congress would have to approve an objection to a result from the states, which is considered to be excluded in view of the majority of the Democrats in the House of Representatives. The action is likely to disrupt processes immensely and attract a lot of attention to Trump’s unsubstantiated fraud allegations. At the same time, protests by Trump supporters are planned in Washington on Wednesday.
The project is highly controversial among Republicans. At the weekend, several Republican senators spoke up with sharp criticism of the planned action.

Mitt Romney, who is considered a Trump critic, spoke of a “monstrous trick” that endangers democracy.

Trump supporters apparently see it differently.

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Mitt Romney Trump fans abuse Republican MPs plane video


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