Mutated coronavirus detected in two classes at the Cham schools



Mutated coronavirus detected in two classes at the Cham schools

Two school children from Cham have tested positive for a new coronavirus mutation. All children and teachers in the relevant classes are now in quarantine and must be tested.

(dvm) According to the deputy canton doctor in Zug, two children in the 4th and 5th primary level have contracted a new coronavirus mutation.  The  directly affected parents, students and teachers were informed of the situation on Monday evening, said the community of Cham on Tuesday afternoon.

According to scientific findings, this mutation is significantly more contagious than the previous virus strains, which is why rapid and comprehensive measures are necessary. ©

 The  parents, teachers and children of the affected classes were immediately informed of the situation. “It was also ensured that the children must remain in quarantine immediately and are no longer allowed to go to school,” the community continued.

38 students and 8 teachers in quarantine

On behalf of the Zug canton doctor Rudolf Hauri, all children and teachers in the affected classes must also be tested for Covid. According to the announcement, there are 38 students and eight teachers. ©

 The  Cham schools would be in contact with the test center of the Andreas Clinic in Cham. This means that all affected people could be tested today. ©

 The  test results should be available in a day or two.


 The  canton doctor had also recommended that the Cham schools continue school operations for the other classes in the school buildings concerned, taking into account the protection concepts. Schoolchildren or teachers who have Covid 19 symptoms are encouraged to get tested as soon as possible. As long as the test result is not available, the person concerned should stay at home and not attend classes.

Talks with parents are now taking place in digital space

In the interests of prevention, the rectorate has decided on various immediate measures for the school buildings affected, in addition to the applicable measures from the protection concepts, as the notification goes on to say. Among other things, the parenting talks planned for this week would be carried out via video conference or postponed. Teachers have been instructed to limit contact with one another to the necessary minimum and to hold meetings, if possible, by telephone or also by video conference.


 The  cantonal doctor’s recommendation is to be implemented and the community of Cham continues to be in close contact with all the bodies involved. If further measures are necessary, the rectorate will inform you again immediately.

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Mutated coronavirus detected classes Cham schools


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