NASA expert explains Aus for mole robots on Mars


NASA expert Spohn has explained in more detail why the mission of the mole robot on Mars was canceled.

 The  robot was part of the Mars mission “InSight” and was supposed to explore the soil of the red planet. But you couldn’t continue the operation because the robot couldn’t dig further into the ground,
explained the scientific director of the mission, Tilmann Spohn, on Deutschlandfunk (audio link). He works at the International Space Science Institute in Bern. Spohn said that the exact reasons why the excavations were so difficult are not yet known.


 The  Mars robot should dig itself five meters into the ground to take temperature measurements. Each step of the device had previously been simulated in a laboratory on Earth. ©

 The  models were positioned exactly as they were on Mars. This test bed was comparable to a sandpit, said Spohn. But the nature of the soil on Mars made different demands on the device. ©

 The  robot only advanced half a meter. For the researchers, a hole only three meters deep would have been enough. But even that has proven to be an illusion.

This message was broadcast on January 19th, 2021 on Deutschlandfunk.

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NASA expert explains Aus mole robots Mars


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