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National League on January 2nd: This is how the first round in 2021 went!


SCL Tigers – ZSC Lions 5:3

The first goal of the new year is preceded by a curious scene. In the power play, Noreau shoots the Langnauer Blaser a runner from the skate. The defender is therefore severely restricted in his mobility when Andrighetto pinches the puck in the nearby crossbar. For the Emmentaler it is already the 29th goal against a short number. The Tigers, who borrowed defender Dominic Buchli (22) from Davos, can equalize immediately. Captain Berger completes the beautiful preparatory work by Petrini.

With a one-two punch within 20 seconds, the Zurich team can come back in the middle third. Sigrist only hits the cross with another shot after he has taken the pane from Sturny. Then Chris Baltisberger and Roe celebrate a “face-off goal”.

The Langnau can be narrowed in phases – especially when the Krüger formation is on the ice – but with resolute pinpricks they also have good chances. Neukom uses one of them after he moves into the foreign line for the injured Nilsson. Goalie Flüeler can initially prevent the equalization on his comeback when he stops Julian Schmutz in a majority with a spectacle parade.

In the final third the 3: 3 falls after a goat from Geering. Scorer? Neukom again, who scores twice as often in one game as in the 18 games before. And it gets even better for the Tigers: Bodenmann drives in front of their own goal in Petrini, the disc falls at Berger’s feet. And he nails them into the goal as a guide.

Langnau wins twice in a row for the first time – the new year begins as nicely as the old one ended (victory in the derby against SCB). The opposite is true for the people of Zurich. You lost before and after the turn of the year. (sr)

The best: Benjamin Neukom (SCL Tigers). The failure of Nilsson is his luck. After starting the game as the 13th striker, he moves into the first line and hits twice.

The plum: Patrick Geering (ZSC Lions). Loses balance and the puck. Neukom uses this to compensate.

The goals: 14. Andrighetto ( Roe, Noreau / PP) 0: 1. 15. Berger ( Petrini) 1: 1. 26. Sigrist 1: 2. 26. C. Baltisberger ( Roe) 1: 3. 28. Neukom ( Earl, Maxwell) 2: 3. 42. Neukom 3: 3. 52. Berger ( Petrini) 4: 3. 60. Maxwell ( Berger) 5: 3 (into the empty goal).

In the evening it continues

Lausanne Bern 7.45 p.m.

Davos Lugano 7.45 p.m.

SCRJ Lakers Geneva Servette 7.45pm

Ambri-Piotta – Friborg 7.45 p.m.

Swiss League am Samstag

EVZ Academy Sierre 4:9

Ticino Rockets Kloten 2: 1 nV

Winterthur Chaux-de-Fonds 3:4 n.P.

Thurgau Olten postponed

Visp Langenthal 5.45 p.m.

Ajoie – GCK Lions 6 p.m.

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