National League: ZSC with a beating for Rappi – Bern wins again

National League: ZSC with a beating for Rappi - Bern wins again

The ZSC Lions celebrated eight times against Rapperswil. Image: keystone

ZSC with a punch for Rappi – Bern ends series of defeats

The home team prevailed in four of the five games in the National League on Tuesday. The exception was Leader Zug, who lost to Davos 3: 4 after a penalty shoot-out.

Bern – Ambri 3: 1

SC Bern is still alive: The bottom of the table wins a National League game for the first time since December 3rd with a 3-1 win against Ambri-Piotta. Is this the resurrection of the great SCB? At least on a small scale, the longed-for liberation succeeded in three important elements in the game of the Bernese: Captain Simon Moser, the most important newcomer Dustin Jeffrey and the power play.

No other team had scored fewer goals than the SCB before Tuesday’s round. But now Moser and Jeffrey with the power play goals 9 and 10 this season brought the still reigning champions 2-0 in the lead and thus on course.

Only once did the team of interim coach Mario Kogler, who came to the second win in the seventh championship game, briefly shiver. After Marco Müller’s long-term goal in the 32nd minute, the Ticino team equalized, but after just four minutes, ex-Lausanne Jeffrey, who only scored his fifth goal in his 18th game, took advantage of a hesitation in the Ambri. Defense to 3: 1.

After that, the Bernese had the majority of the events under control. Despite the 5-0 home win against Friborg on Saturday, Ambri is going through a difficult phase with only one win from the last seven games. In particular, the previously outstanding Finn Julius Nättinen has been jammed since the beginning of December.

SC Bern returns to victory against Ambri. Image: keystone

Bern – Ambri-Piotta 3: 1 (2: 0, 1: 1, 0: 0)
0 viewers. – SR Hebeisen / Nikolic (AUT), Obwegeser / Duarte.
Tore: Moser (Henauer, Jeffrey / Powerplaytor) 1: 0. 14. Jeffrey (Olofsson, Henauer / Powerplaytor) 2: 0. 32. Müller (Hächler, Novotny / Powerplaytor) 2: 1. 36. Jeffrey (Brithén, Olofsson) 3: 1. Punish: 4 times 2 minutes against Bern, 5 times 2 plus 10 minutes (Goi) against Ambri-Piotta. – PostFinance top scorer: Brithén; Dwarfs.
Bern: Wüthrich; Untersander, Henauer; Andersson, Beat Gerber; Colin Gerber, Zryd; Burren; Olofsson, Brithén, Jeffrey; Scherwey, Praplan, Moser; Sciaroni, Heim, Pestoni; Berger, Jan Neuenschwander, Jeremi Gerber; Sterchi.
Ambri-Piotta: Ciaccio; Fora, Isacco Dotti; Fohrler, Fischer; Hächler, Zaccheo Dotti; Ngoy; Nättinen, Flynn, Zwerger; Rohrbach, Novotny, Müller; Trisconi, Kostner, Grassi; Joël Neuenschwander, Goi, Mazzolini; Kneubuehler.
Remarks: Bern without Bader, Ruefenacht (both injured) and Thiry (sick), Ambri-Piotta without Bianchi, Conz, D’Agostini and Incir (all injured). Ambri-Piotta from 58:26 without a goalkeeper.

ZSC – Rapperswil 8: 1

The ZSC Lions fell 73 seconds behind against the Rapperswil-Jona Lakers – the goal was scored by defender Daniel Vukovic. Nevertheless, the Zurich team won 8-1 and returned to victory after two defeats.

Dominik Diem equalized just 30 seconds after the 0: 1. After 13 minutes, the home team led 3-1 after goals from Reto Schäppi (6th) and Simon Bodenmann. The former was also successful for the first time in the current championship, as was defender Johann Morant at 4-1 (31st). Bodenmann doubled in the 43rd minute with his second power play goal that evening to make it 6-1.

While the Lions won their third duel against the Lakers this season, the St. Gallen team lost for the fourth time in their last five games. They had already suffered a runaway defeat in the home game against Genève-Servette (0: 6) on Saturday.

Substitute Melvin Nyffeler also had to reach behind him three times in 20 minutes. Image: keystone

ZSC Lions – Rapperswil-Jona Lakers 8:1 (3:1, 2:0, 3:0)
1 viewer. – SR Wiegand / Salonen (FIN), Gnemmi / Huguet. –
Tore: 2. (1:13) Vukovic (Rowe, Lehmann) 0: 1. 2. (1:43) Diem (Bodenmann, Trutmann) 1: 1. 6. Schäppi (Roman Wick) 2: 1. 13. Bodenmann (Krüger, Geering / at 5 against 3) 3: 1. 31. Morant (Sigrist) 4: 1. 39. Hollenstein (Kruger) 5: 1. 43. Bodenmann (Hollenstein / Powerplaytor) 6: 1. 49. Kruger (Morant) 7: 1. 57. Andrighetto (power player) 8: 1. –
Punish: 3 times 2 minutes against ZSC Lions, 7 times 2 plus 10 minutes (Jelovac) against Rapperswil-Jona Lakers. – PostFinance top scorer: Hollenstein; Cervenka.
ZSC Lions: Waeber; Noreau, Marti; Morant, Geering; Trutmann, Berni; Phil Baltisberger; Chris Baltisberger, Roe, Andrighetto; Pettersson, Kruger, Hollenstein; Bodenmann, Diem, Sigrist; Pedretti, Schäppi, Roman Wick; Simic.
Rapperswil-Jona Lakers: Bader (41st Nyffeler); Profico, Jelovac; Vukovic, Dufner; Sataric, Maier; Randegger; Clark, Jeremy Wick, Cervenka; Lehmann, Rowe, Eggenberger; Lhotak, thinner, weather; Forrer, Ness, Loosli.
Remarks: ZSC Lions without Blindenbacher, Prassl (both injured) and Capaul (sick), Rapperswil-Jona Lakers without Egli, Moses, Payr and Schweri (all injured).

Lugano – Langnau 5:1

Alessio Bertaggia shot Lugano with three goals to make it 5-1 against the SCL Tigers. He scored the 2-0 (26th) casually with one hand, later he also scored 3-0 (40th) and a penalty to 5-0 (48th). It was the Bianconeri’s first home win against Emmental since December 3, 2017. In the last two seasons, the South Ticino had lost both games in front of their home crowd against the Tigers.

After a goalless first third, the hosts took a 2-0 lead within 171 seconds thanks to two goals (26th). Mikkel Bodker (23rd) scored the groundbreaking first goal with his skate. The consolation goal of the Langnauer, who had won two games in a row for the first time in the current championship, scored Flavio Schmutz in the 58th minute. With that, Lugano’s keeper Niklas Schlegel narrowly missed his fifth shutout this season.

There was a lot of traffic in front of Tigers goalie Punnenovs. Image: keystone

Lugano – SCL Tigers 5:1 (0:0, 3:0, 2:1)
1 viewer. – SR Fluri / Staudenmann, Cattaneo / Wolf. –
Tore: 23. Bodker (Powerplaytor) 1: 0. 26. Bertaggia 2: 0. 40. (39:42) Bertaggia (Fazzini, Herburger) 3: 0. 42. Bürgler (Fazzini) 4: 0. 48. Bertaggia 5: 0 (Penalty). 58. Flavio Schmutz (Huguenin, Bircher) 5: 1. –
Punish: 6 times 2 minutes against Lugano, 4 times 2 minutes against SCL Tigers. – PostFinance top scorer: Arcobello; Maxwell.
Lugano: Schlegel; Heed, Riva; Loeffel, Wellinger; Nodari, wolf; Chiesa, Morini; Bodker, Arcobello, Bertaggia; Walker, Lajunen, Suri; Bürgler, Herburger, Fazzini; Traber, Sannitz, Lammer.
SCL Tigers: Punnenovs; Lardi, Huguenin; Leeger, Bircher; Blaser, Grossniklaus; Buchli; Berger, Petrini, Dostoinov; Earl, Maxwell, Nilsson; Sturny, Melnalksnis, Andersons; Neukom, Flavio Schmutz, Julian Schmutz; Salzgeber. Comments: Lugano without Zurkirchen (injured), SCL Tigers without Diem, Erni, Glauser, Kuonen and Schilt (all injured).

Friborg – Biel 4: 1

Friborg turned a 0: 1 (7th) into a 2: 1 (27th) against Biel with two power play goals. In the 48th minute, Captain Julien Sprunger made everything clear with another hit in the majority to make it 4-1. It stayed that way.

Gottéron used the first three penalties against the Zealanders to score goals in the eighth win in the ninth home game of the current championship. In the first eight games in their own stadium, Friborg was only successful in power play five times.

The ultimately decisive 2-1 was scored by Killian Mottet, who already scored his 13th goal this season and had the stick in all four of the hosts’ goals. This gave Friborg an impressive reaction to the 5-0 defeat at Ambri-Piotta on Saturday. It was Gottéron’s seventh win in a row against Biel, the fifth in the current season and the fourth in a row with only one goal conceded. Meanwhile, the EHCB lost for the first time after three successes on foreign ice.

Friborg fans thank Captain Julien Sprunger. Image: keystone

Friborg-Gottéron – Biel 4: 1 (1: 1, 2: 0, 1: 0)
1 viewer. – SR Stricker / Piechaczek (GER), Schlegel / Burgy. –
Tore: 7. Hofer (Moser, Rajala/Powerplaytor) 0:1. 14. Desharnais (Mottet, DiDomenico/Powerplaytor) 1:1. 27. Mottet (Gunderson/Powerplaytor) 2:1. 30. Stalberg (Mottet, Desharnais) 3:1. 48. Sprunger (Desharnais, Mottet/Powerplaytor) 4:1. –
Punish: 2 times 2 minutes against Friborg-Gottéron, 6 times 2 minutes against Biel. – PostFinance top scorer: Stalberg; Cunti.
Friborg-Gottéron: Berra; Sutter, Jecker; Kamerzin, Gunderson; Aebischer, Abplanalp; Bochud; DiDomenico, Marchon, gentlemen; Stalberg, Desharnais, Mottet; Sprunger, Schmid, Bykow; Rossi, Walser, Jörg; Bougro.
Biel: van Pottelberghe; Rathgeb, Moser; Forster, Fey; Lindbohm, Stampfli; Sartori; Kohler, Pouliot, Rajala; Fuchs, Cunti, Künzle; Hofer, Komarek, Hügli; Tanner, Nussbaumer, Schläpfer.
Remarks: Friborg-Gottéron without Chavaillaz, Furrer (both injured) and Brodin (surplus foreigners), Biel without Brunner, Gustafsson, Kessler, Kreis, Lüthi, Ullström and Ulmer (all injured).

Zug – Davos 3: 4 nP

As in the last game in 2020, the sovereign leader Zug lost to Davos. After the decision had been made in Graubünden four seconds before the end of extra time, this time it was a penalty shootout. Teemu Turunen, Aaron Palushaj and veteran Andres Ambühl were successful in this for the guests, while Dario Simion was the only one to score for the Central Swiss team.

During the regular season, the EVZ had given up a lead three times. Marc Wieser’s 3: 3 after exactly 50 minutes came just 46 seconds after the 2: 3, which was achieved by the strong returnee Yannick Zehnder. The team from Zug, who also deserved the win, lost in the last seven games only to Davos, who won away for the third time in a row.

Davos can equalize three times against Zug. Image: keystone

Zug – Davos 3: 4 (1: 0, 1: 1, 1: 2, 0: 0) nP
0 viewers. – SR Lemelin (USA) / Urban (AUT), Altmann / Stalder. –
Tore: 18. Hofmann (Simion) 1: 0. 23. Turunen (Corvi / Powerplaytor) 1: 1. 25. Langenegger (Thürkauf, Alatalo) 2: 1. 41. (40:46) Nygren (Corvi) 2: 2. 50. (49:14) Zehnder (Martschini, Alatalo / Powerplaytor) 3: 2. 50. (50:00) Marc Wieser (Corvi, Turunen) 3: 3. – Penalty shots: Aeschlimann -, Kovar -; Turunen 0: 1, Martschini -; Palushaj 0: 2, Simion 1: 2; Hofmann -. –
Punish: 4 times 2 minutes against Zug, 5 times 2 minutes against Davos. – PostFinance top scorer: Kovar; Ambühl.
Zug: Hollenstein; Diaz, Geisser; Schlumpf, Stadler; Cadonau, Alatalo; Big; Martschini, Kovar, Thorell; Klingberg, Albrecht, Zehnder; Simion, Leuenberger, Hofmann; Langenegger, Thürkauf, Bachofner.
Davos: Mayer; Nygren, Zgraggen; Stoop, young; Heinen, Guerra; Kienzle, Barandun; Herzog, Ambühl, Knak; Marc Wieser, Corvi, Turunen; Palushaj, Hischier, Baumgartner; Frehner, Egli, Marc Aeschlimann. Comments: Davos without Du Bois, Paschoud, Rubanik, Dino Wieser (all injured) and Lindgren (sick).

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National League ZSC beating Rappi Bern wins


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