Netflix hit “Lupine”: when is the second part?


The Netflix series “Lupine” is currently sweeping Europe-wide. The first part contains only five episodes. When could the second part of the first season appear?

The French series “Lupine” only started on January 8th on Netflix and catapulted itself into the top ten lists of the streaming service across Europe in a very short time. But the first part of the first season contained a meager five episodes and left most viewers thirsting for more, especially because the fifth episode ends with a massive cliffhanger. So how long will you have to wait for the second part to appear?

Probably not for long. At least that seems to be the general consensus on the net. There is no official start date, but April is considered the hottest tip. Because the series “Unsolved Mysteries” was split into two parts at the time. The second part appeared only three months after the first – this suggests the assumption that “Lupine” will do the same thing. Very few viewers believe that fans will have to wait a whole year, as is often the case between two seasons.

This is what “Lupine” is about

Assane Diop, played by Omar Sy (42, “Pretty Best Friends”), loses his father as a teenager after a rich French family accuses him of a crime that he did not commit. Inspired by the famous fictional character Arsène Lupine, he wants to avenge his father and so gets caught up in a web of lies and intrigues.



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Netflix hit Lupine part


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