Neururer and Lameck dream of promotion and fear with Schalke

Neururer and Lameck dream of promotion and fear with Schalke

“Wet every opponent with a one-two, you and your VfL!” Herbert Grönemeyer, who grew up in Bochum, sings this line in his hymn for the city.

 The  song is played before every home game. And for some time now it has made sense for the fan again, because the club from Castroper Straße is making its supporters really happy again – if they cannot be in the stadium during the corona pandemic. (Service: table of the 2nd Bundesliga)

A look at the current table of the 2nd league shows: VfL Bochum can again waste a thought on promotion to the Bundesliga. If the Westphalia score points this Sunday at SV Sandhausen, they are sure to be on a direct promotion position at the end of the first half. (2nd Bundesliga: SV Sandhausen – VfL Bochum, Sunday 1.30 p.m. in LIVETICKER)

“Dreaming is allowed at VfL, and these dreams can slowly become reality,” said cult trainer Peter Neururer in an interview with SPORT1. © The  65-year-old, who was coach in Bochum from 2001 to 2005 and in the 2013/2014 season, adds: “©

 The  club has been dreaming of being promoted again for tens of years. And it is in the year when nobody mentioned it the possibility as great as it has never been before. ”


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Neururer goes into raptures when he thinks back to his first term in office in Bochum. “©

 The  first time in Bochum was emotionally one of the most beautiful times in my coaching career,” he recalls. “We were simply successful, we were promoted, kept the class and then the European Cup was reached before BVB and Schalke. It was great to run around as champions of the Ruhr area. Nobody expected that.”

Reis was once an assistant coach under Neururer

Every fan still remembers Neururer’s Moonwalk. When the qualification for the European Cup was certain, he danced in front of the fans on the lawn in the manner of Michael Jackson. “That was big crap. Because if you are only reduced to that in the years when there was definitely success, then that is rather sad,” he says today. A year later, VfL was relegated and Neururer had to leave.

But he fondly remembers the harmonious coexistence in the club, an indicator of success at the time. “At the time we had a president (Werner Altegoer, Anm. d. Red.) and employees that I haven’t had in my life. This has resulted in friendships to this day. “

He’s still watching VfL. And he is happy about the current success with Thomas Reis’ team, who played under Neururer (2001 to 2003) and was his assistant coach in the 2013/2014 season.


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Neururer: “VfL is a promotion favorite with HSV”

“Reisi is a really good guy. He’s doing everything right with the team. He’s a purposeful guy who goes straight his way, can read a game and knows VfL inside and out. And he’s currently successful. He is the right man in the right place. But that’s always what you are when you’re successful, “says Neururer.


 The  former coach also likes the VfL game. “©

 The  boys play great. ©

 The  balance in the game between offensive and defensive is consistent. In addition, in the offensive area you have great opportunities to play variably forward.”

Neururer is convinced of the quality in the team. “Silvere Ganvoula, top scorer at VfL last season and now coming off the bench, shows that there is quality there. In this current situation, the table no longer lies: VfL, together with HSV, are the absolute favorites for promotion. “

Neururer: “©

 The  overall concept is right”


 The  overall concept is currently just right in Bochum. “In the past I have not seen any mistakes made by the coaches at VfL. I only know a lot of mistakes that have been made at the club. But the times are over. What Ilja Kaenzig (Spokesman for the VfL management, note by the Red.) in the background is great. “Now there is” a sensible tour. And the better the leadership, the better you can live it out in sports. “

Neururer gets out of the saddle if he has a question. If VfL could become the next number two in the Ruhr area if Schalke had to relegate? ©

 The  Royal Blues ended the first half of the season after a 2-1 draw on Wednesday at home against 1. FC Köln in 18th place.

Neururer defends himself against comparisons

Neururer doesn’t want to hear about that. “©

 The  first half of the season has only just ended. I don’t want to talk about what will happen at the end of this season,” he said. “I don’t think it’s good to compare the two. I give VfL the promotion with all my heart, Schalke with all my heart the league.”

But he also knows: “After the 1: 2 against Cologne, planning for the second division must now be made as soon as possible. ©

 The  chances of holding the league – maybe even through relegation – are minimal. You have to get away from it say goodbye to the Bundesliga. ”


 The  Bochumers, on the other hand, can slowly deal with the House of Lords internally. And VfL legend Michael “Ata” Lameck (1972 to 1988) would be happy about the promotion of his club, which is close to his heart.

Lameck praises VfL’s athletic leadership

“I would like it to be May now. Of course, the team has found each other and what Thomas Reis is doing with the team is great,” said the 71-year-old SPORT1.
Right now the direction is right. You should take this success with you “as long as it goes”. ©

 The re is special praise for Reis and the athletic leadership:

“He used to play for VfL, knows the situation and what makes the players tick. He’s not that old yet and works with Sebastian Schindzielorz (Managing Director Sport, Note by the Red.) Hand in hand together. It’s just going well right now, the collaboration with Ilja Kaenzig works well, everyone gets along well. ©

 The re is no stress and no envy. ”

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HSV as a deterrent example

But Lameck knows how difficult it is to make the dream come true. “HSV has been trying to get promoted for two years. But then it always got a slump four weeks before the end of the season. As it looks now, VfL can achieve one of the three places up there.”

And what does he say about the topic of second strength in the pot? “We are all not blind, it doesn’t look good for Schalke,” Lameck knows and pulls out an anecdote. “In the 80s we flew to America at the club’s expense, came back and won against Schalke 6-0 three days later with jet lag in our bones. ©

 The y were relegated back then. So this situation has existed before.”

But Lameck, who played with the current Schalke coach Christian Gross at VfL in the 1980s, wants a healthy rivalry. “At that time we were also in front of Dortmund, both are neighbors of ours. Of course, it would be best if we were all in the Bundesliga.” Above all financially, relegation from Schalke would hurt VfL, Lameck knows and smiles.

“If Schalke relegated and we can go up, we would lose a lot of money with the home game. Schalke are actually a football power. I would allow Schalke to stay up, but they have to be very careful.”

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Neururer Lameck dream promotion fear Schalke


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