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In the city of Flensburg and in the Pinneberg district, the corona rules will be tightened from today. At the weekend, the threshold of 200 was exceeded there.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Flensburg, the number of new corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week rose to 203.0 on Saturday and 202.1 in the Pinneberg district.

AUDIO: Flensburg and Pinneberg reach incidence of 200 (1 min)

City of Flensburg introduces an extended mask requirement in busy places

After consulting the Ministry of Health in Kiel, the city of Flensburg decided that an extended mask requirement was initially sufficient. According to the According to the new general decree, which comes into force today and is valid until February 14, mouth and nose protection is mandatory in areas in the urban area where an increased number of people is to be expected. ©

 The se are:

  • ZOB and station forecourt
  • several streets in the city center
  • several streets in the district center Mürwik
  • several streets in the Engelsby district center
  • Port area
  • Solitüde beach and Ostseebad beach

Further restrictions apply in the Pinneberg district

According to its own information, the district of Pinneberg orients itself on the general recommendations of the Ministry of Health when the incidence exceeds 200. According to of the new general decree, which comes into force today and is valid until January 31, the following measures apply:

  • Extension of the mandatory mouth and nose protection: for adults in all playgrounds in the district, in the area around Tornescher Bahnhof and on the S-Bahn station forecourt in Halstenbek
  • Limitation of day tourism: no access to the recreational areas Himmelmoor, Holmer Sandberge, Hetlinger Schanze
  • Retail: only one person is allowed to shop (exception: children under 14 years of age are allowed to go into the shop, provided there is no alternative)
  • Gastronomy: Pick-up of ordered food and drinks only by prior appointment
  • Funerals and funeral services: max. 15 people
  • Schools: no entry outside of school hours
  • Nursing homes: general entry ban (exceptions: one registered visitor per inhabitant, visits to the seriously ill and the dying, etc.)

With further ascent: 15 kilometer radius

Further information

A map of Northern Germany with a symbolized radius © NDR Photo: -

Here you can see how far the 15-kilometer radius around your place of residence would extend. more

If the numbers continue to rise, the state ordinance also restricts private excursions within a radius of 15 kilometers. “But there is no automatism for this measure,” said Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister of Health Heiner Garg (FDP) on January 11th. One will look in individual cases to see whether there is an isolated outbreak or whether the virus is widely circulating in the population. This next step should take place after 10 days at the latest. Business trips and visits to close family members are still allowed.

Diffuse infection processes in the Pinneberg district

According to a spokeswoman, around 30 percent of the infections in the Pinneberg district can be traced back to several outbreaks in different care facilities. However, 70 percent of the new infections in the past seven days are due to a diffuse infection process, which is why further restrictions are necessary: ​​”I am aware that these measures mean a further encroachment on the rights of freedom for people in the Pinneberg district,” said District Administrator Elfi Heesch . She hoped that these measures did not have to be extended, but that would only succeed if everyone consistently adhered to them.

Increase in Flensburg apparently due to New Year’s Eve celebration

In Flensburg, around half of the cases can be traced back to a New Year’s Eve party that temporary workers from two companies had celebrated. In addition, there are numerous new cases of people who have visited their families abroad, said Mayor Simone Lange when asked by NDR Schleswig-Holstein. In addition, the Berlin Charité confirmed in at least one case that the British virus mutation B 1.1.7. was proven in Flensburg. This variant is considered particularly contagious.

What happens when numbers are below 200 again?

According to the RKI, the incidences in the Pinneberg district and in Flensburg are now 199.0 (Pinneberg district) and 190.8 (Flensburg). Nevertheless, if the incidence falls below 200, the rules are not immediately withdrawn, according to the city of Flensburg. In this respect, it is also irrelevant that Flensburg only had an incidence of 194 according to its own calculation on Saturday – in contrast to the information from the RKI. ©

 The re should have been a transmission error that has not yet been precisely clarified. ©

 The  situation is serious, according to a spokesman, especially since the British mutation was detected in the city. ©

 The refore it does not matter now whether Flensburg exceeds the value or is shortly before it. ©

 The  new measures will also continue to apply in the Pinneberg district if the incidence value should continue to fall.

Further information

A map of Schleswig-Holstein in front of a 3D animation of a corona vrius.  © Colourbox Photo: Hannu Viitanen

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