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With around 1,200 new infections, the number of corona cases is gradually falling – but too slowly. Can the planned end of the lockdown still hold?

 The  corona situation in Austria is still tense. © The re have been 404,714 cases since the pandemic began, 7,418 people have died and 381,654 have recovered. 1,817 Covid-19 patients are still hospitalized, 320 of them need intensive care. Today, Sunday, the authorities reported 1,202 new infections across Austria – “Today” reported.

Although the number of registered corona cases on weekends is always lower than on working days due to reduced testing activity – from Friday to Saturday there were 1,626 new infections – a look back at the Sundays of the past few weeks shows a positive trend: the number of new infections is increasing slowly during the hard lockdown. On Monday, three new rules will be tightened again – these should in any case remain in force until the targeted lockdown end on February 8th.

But there are only two weeks left until then. It is well known that this is how long it takes for new measures to be reflected in the statistics. So can the government actually start the first steps as planned from February 8th? © The  turquoise-green coalition is currently still making estimates – Anschober: “No one can guarantee the end of the lockdown” – cautiously, but experts, such as the Viennese intensive care physician Thomas Staudinger, already see a further extension of the lockdown coming.

© The se goals must be achieved

Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Greens) reiterated in a “Kurier” interview published on Sunday the number target that Austria must achieve in order to end the lockdown: “© The  numbers are currently slowly falling, in my opinion still too slow. © The  target So what remains is that we will in any case drop to 600 to 700 infections per day. If we can manage this together, we will be able to relax – but only gently and carefully. ”

Party friend and Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober also made it clear on Thursday, one day before the vaccine debacle, that no one could guarantee that the opening date would last. “© The  overall situation has to fit,” says the minister: “We have to improve in the next two weeks, then everything can work.” To do this, the 7-day incidence has to be reduced significantly towards 50 and the reproduction factor lowered to 0.8, or better than 0.7. At the moment, both values ​​are still too high at 119 and 0.89, respectively.

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corona numbers shake lockdown coronavirus


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