New corona strategy presented: Biden wants quarantine for travelers


New corona strategy presented
Biden wants quarantine for newcomers

US President Joe Biden presents his national strategy to fight the corona pandemic. In addition to the quarantine rule for travelers, more tests are to be carried out and the vaccination campaign accelerated. He puts the Americans in the mood for tough times.
Due to the corona pandemic, travelers to the USA will have to go into quarantine after their arrival.  The  new US President Joe Biden announced today in the White House. “Anyone who flies to the US from another country will have to be tested before boarding the plane (…) and have to go into quarantine when they arrive in the US.”


 The  US health authority CDC had already announced last week that a negative corona test will be required before air travel to the US from January 26th. At the same time, the authority recommended staying at home for the seven days after entry – but it was only a recommendation.

One day after taking office, Biden presented a national strategy of around 200 pages in the fight against the coronavirus. To this end, he signed ten directives in the White House, which contain a number of measures to contain the pandemic.

Vaccination campaign should be accelerated

With his action plan, Biden wants to use his powers as president to accelerate the production of protective masks and gloves, test accessories and materials for administering the vaccines. Other regulations are aimed at getting more people tested, hiring more public health workers, supporting studies into treatment options for Covid-19, reopening schools safely and protecting workers in the workplace.

Biden also denounced the negligence of his predecessor Donald Trump’s administration. “Over the past year we have not been able to rely on the government to act with the urgency, focus and coordination necessary,” said the president. “And we have seen the tragic cost of that failure.”

Biden referred to the more than 408,000 corona deaths in the United States, by far the highest number worldwide. ©

 The  USA did not get into this situation “overnight”. “And it will be months before we get the curve.” He put the Americans in the mood for a further worsening of the corona situation in the country. ©

 The  number of corona deaths will likely reach half a million in February, Biden said in the White House. “Things will get worse before it gets better,” he warned and promised at the same time: “We will get through this.”

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corona strategy presented Biden quarantine travelers


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