New features on Facebook pages: removal of the Like button, security update and more


                                        Facebook announced sweeping updates to Facebook Pages for public figures and creators.  Among other things, there is a new page design and more security.  In addition, the "Like" button should be removed.
                                        <p>There will be a number of innovations on Facebook pages in the future.  The social platform announced this in its newsroom.  The optimizations apply to pages of public figures and creators.  They should make it easier to administer your own site, create a community and support the site owner in achieving their business goals.

New layout, followers instead of likes

One of the biggest changes is a new page design. According to Facebook, this is designed to be more intuitive and simple. There will also be an expanded news feed within the site. Contents, activities and interests are displayed there. Another significant change is the removal of the well-known “Like” button. Instead, only the followers of the page will be displayed in the future.

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Improved engagement and management tools

Further updates concern the administration of the account. With new engagement and management tools, website owners should be able to get in touch with fans and track their insights more easily in the future. The latter will be found in a new tab in the future. In addition, thanks to updated functions, it will be possible to manage admin access rights more easily.

Optimized security functions

A number of the innovations concern the security on Facebook. With the help of optimized safety functions, problems such as hate comments, spam content or impersonator accounts should be easier to recognize and manage. In doing so, Facebook wants to make the platform a safer place for creators and well-known personalities and their fans.

All new functions and updates are to be rolled out over the coming months.

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