New LED lights from Walimex and Jinbei


Walimex starts the Rainbow Pro series with three colored lights in which the red, green and blue components can be freely mixed.  The re are also a warm white and a cold LED per unit (RGBWW). All lights can be controlled via the free “Walimex pro Rainbow LED” app for Android and iOS and can be operated by battery. © The y also have pre-installed programs, so-called “cycle effects”. © The se light sequences can simulate light situations, for example open fires, lightning thunderstorms, police cars or fireworks. © The  preset effects can be modified by the user.

Rainbow area lights with 50 and 100 watts

© The  studio area lights Rainbow RGBWW 50 W (approx. 300 Euro) and Rainbow RGBWW 100 W (approx. 500 euros) offer a large light area and barn doors for lighting design. © The y can be controlled directly on the device, remotely via app or DMX protocol. © The  lights and the app allow you to save favorites. With DMX you can define and play your own effect sequences. Power is supplied via the included power supply unit or via a V-mount battery (available separately). © The y can be placed on lamp tripods via a classic spigot socket, but they can also be mounted hanging. © The  lights are particularly suitable for flooding backgrounds or motifs with white and colored light.

Small Walimex lamp with 12 watts

© The  particularly mobile and handy one Rainbow Pocket (approx. 130 euros) with 12 W has a diffuser and a honeycomb grille that can be used to influence the light characteristics. This light is also controlled on the device or via the Rainbow app. Power is supplied by the internal battery, which is charged via a USB-C cable. With its 1/4 inch threaded hole, the light can be mounted on the ball head supplied for on-camera use.

Compact color lamp from Jinbei

© The  Jinbei JR-70 RGB with 14 watts is available at an introductory price of around 100 euros. It also offers white, warm white and RGB light, with which up to 360 colors with 100 color saturation levels can be continuously adjusted. © The  brightness can be set from 1 – 100%, the color temperature between 2500 – 9000 K. In addition, up to 20 light effects are available (e.g. thunderstorms, blue light or party light). © The  lamp can also be used as a power bank; the built-in battery can charge other devices. © The  remaining battery life is displayed on the device, which enables precise control. On the side and at the bottom of the light there is a ¼-inch tripod thread so that the light can also be placed on a tripod. A cold shoe adapter that can be tilted 90 degrees is also included.

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LED lights Walimex Jinbei


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