New measures at Zurich schools – mask requirement from the 4th grade and reduced number of students


Due to the mutated virus, the education directorate is tightening the corona measures.

Education department tightened protective measures: only half of the students are now allowed into the classes.

Photo: Raphael Moser

© The  new variants of the coronavirus, which have been appearing more and more since December 2020, are making Zurich schools increasingly concerned. In particular, the significantly easier transferability of the mutated variants indicates a sharp increase in the number of infections. After extensive quarantine measures were recently ordered in two primary schools (Read more here), the Education Directorate is now tightening protective measures in primary and secondary schools.

From Monday to the end of February, pupils from the 4th grade of primary level on the school premises, in the school buildings and in lessons are required to wear a mask, as the Education Directorate writes in a media release. In multi-year classes with 3rd and 4th grade students, the mask requirement already applies to 3rd grade students.

Swimming lessons for pupils from the 4th grade onwards will also be canceled.

© The  number of pupils at secondary schools is also to be reduced. © The  aim is to curb the spread of the new variants of the corona virus, but at the same time to enable the schoolchildren to run the school as normally as possible.

To this end, the cantonal secondary schools, including the cantonal high school for adults, as well as the private secondary schools are to reduce the number of pupils present on site every day by around half by 1 February 2021 at the latest. © The  Education Directorate assumes that this will also reduce the number of pupils over lunchtime.

This measure applies until the end of February.


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