New Year’s Eve 2020: record numbers for WhatsApp and Co.


                                         Because of the ongoing corona pandemic, more people than ever before used  Facebook  Messenger and  WhatsApp to celebrate  New  Year's  Eve with their friends and families via video calls, text messages and the like.
                                        <p> In 2020,  December 31 was much quieter for many people than in previous years.   Due to the increasing number of infections in many places and the associated stricter corona measures, most of them only celebrated in a small group.   In order to stay in touch with friends, family and acquaintances, the majority of them resorted to video calls and text messages.   Above all, this brought record numbers to  Facebook  Messenger and  WhatsApp.

The -number of video calls doubled on New Year’s Eve

The -social media giant reports that 1.4 billion video calls were made via WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve alone – more than ever in a single day. Facebook also writes that the number of video calls on December 31, 2020 doubled compared to a normal day in the previous year. Instagram and the Facebook platform were also used by many users at the end of the year.

The -social media giant recorded 55 million live broadcasts on New Year’s Eve.

Infographic on the use of WhatsApp and Co. on New Year’s Eve 2020, © Facebook

These record numbers clearly show that people got used to using video call tools in the course of 2020 due to the ongoing corona pandemic. Many workers had to switch to the home office and stayed in contact here via Zoom, Meet and Co. Companies are increasingly preparing to let their employees work from home in the future. This development is also reflected in the private use of video call tools. With the early expansion of these features at the beginning of 2020, Facebook laid the foundation stone to convince users to use their own service in 2021 as well.

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