NFL playoffs: Tom Brady can make history in the Super Bowl – sports mix

NFL playoffs: Tom Brady can make history in the Super Bowl - sports mix

Tom Brady is in the Super Bowl for the tenth time and has the chance of his seventh title!

 The  six-time champion wrestles the Green Bay Packers with his Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a highly dramatic NFC Championship game away 31:26 and now has the opportunity to make the “Bucs” the first team to win a Super Bowl title in their own stadium Won – Super Bowl LV takes place at Raymond James Stadium on the night of February 8th.

Tampa Bay is already the first team to ever be allowed to play a “Home Super Bowl”. Of course, it’s Brady’s first NFC title in the first year of NFC.


 The  decisive factor is the performance after Turnovers: While the Buccaneers present themselves ice cold and make 14 points out of an interception and a fumble, the Packers leave two of the three Brady interceptions unused.

Green Bay caused a lack of understanding in the last few minutes when the safety variant of a field goal was drawn in the Redzone at 23:31. ©

 The  Packers don’t get the ball back.


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0:7: Mike Evans – Tom Brady 15 yard pass (10:59 minutes)


7:7: Marquez Valdes-Scantling – Aaron Rodgers 50 yard pass (14:15 minutes)

7:14: Leonard Fournette – 20 yard run (12:33 minutes)

10:14: Mason Crosby – 24-Yard-Field-Goal (5:02 Minuten)

10:21: Scotty Miller – Tom Brady 39 yard pass (0:08 minutes)


10:28: Cameron Brate – Tom Brady 8 yard pass (13:58 minutes)

17:28: Robert Tonyan – 8 yard pass from Aaron Rodgers (9:33 minutes)

23:28: Davante Adams – 2-yard pass by Aaron Rodgers (0:28 minutes) – Two-point conversion fails


23:31: Ryan Succop – 46-Yard-Field-Goal (4:46 Minuten)

26:31: Mason Crosby – 26-Yard-Field-Goal (2:09 Minuten)

Brady starts out cold

Brady starts with a small wake-up call for the Packers Defense, ensures an early penetration into the opposing half with a 27-yard pass to the GB33. ©

 The  Bucs do not play their first drive flawlessly, but calmly and undeterred – a precise pass to Mike Evans ensures the first touchdown of the game after exactly four minutes.


 The  Packers are completely different: Although Rodgers finds Marcedes Lewis for a first warm-up catch, the drive ends shortly afterwards after a sack in his own half.


 The  Buccaneers’ second possession of the ball also looks good, the Packers have a hard time especially against the passing game. When a deep attempt fails and Brady is caught by the defense, the guests have to try their punter for the first time just in their own half.

Rodgers comes under pressure, after a sack he has to free himself from 3rd-and-15 from his own end zone, but finds Allen Lazard. Nevertheless, it becomes obvious that the Bucs Defense – similar to the regular season duel – will leave little time to let the quarterback do its magic.

Brady also graduates coldly


 The re’s not much going on on either side of the run, the Packers only have four yards of tiredness after the first quarter – but it doesn’t have to be, as Rodgers proves: He opens the second quarter with the first big play, Marques Valdes Scantling shakes off his guard and catches a deep pass for the 50-yard touchdown – 7: 7!

Brady can do that too: a 52-yarder on Chris Godwin opens up the chance for the Redzone, Leonard Fournette only needs one more play to find his way into the end zone from 20 yards – a first rushing highlight to take the lead again.



Passing Yards Rushing Yards Receiving Yards
Aaron Rodgers 346 (3 TD, 1 INT)
Marquez Valdes-Scantling 115 (1 TD)
Davante Adams 67 (1 TD)
Allen Lazard 62
Jamaal Williams 23 22
Aaron Jones 27 7
A.J. Dillon 17 13
Robert Tonyan 22 (1 TD)
Equanimeous St. Brown 10

Almost a request, it seems: Because at Green Bay the running game is suddenly going better. ©

 The  “Cheeseheads” work their way continuously and above all through the rush into the Redzone and also put away a fumble moment of shock. Davante Adams fails twice with the catch in the end zone – the Packers take the field goal.

Brady also loses his rhythm briefly, the Packers take over almost two minutes before half-time, deep in their own half. ©

 The  drive rolls off, but Rodgers makes the mistake – a risky pass to Lazard is intercepted by Murphy-Bunting at the center line.

A serious mishap, because Brady unpacks the maximum penalty. With a few seconds on the clock, a deep pass finds its way to Scotty Miller in the end zone – the countless Packers fans present for the year 2021 fall silent and have to watch as the game becomes a two-score affair at halftime.

Nightmare ending, nightmare beginning for Packers

If you stick with Green Bay, you might think at this moment that it couldn’t get worse – but it does.

Instead of finding an answer with the first possession of the second half, Aaron Jones fumbles the ball to the opponent on the third play. ©

 The  Bucs take over at GB10, Brady only needs a pass on Cameron Brate to increase to 28:10.


 The  Packers seem worse knockout than Conor McGregor – but stand up again in contrast to the UFC star in the fight against Dustin Poirier.

Rodgers shows calm, does not allow too much risk to be moved, wanders across the field with his offense and manages, together with Robert Tonyan, to regain the points he has just collected. Valdes-Scantling also proves its worth in this drive with a 24-yard reception.



Passing Yards Rushing Yards Receiving Yards
Tom Brady 280 (3 TD, 3 INT) -1
Chris Godwin 6 110
Leonard Fournette 55 (1 TD) 19
Mike Evans 51 (1 TD)
Scotty Miller 36 (1 TD)
Rob Gronkowski 29
Cameron Brate 19 (1 TD)
Ronald Jones 16
Tyler Johnson 16

Suddenly the momentum changes. Brady makes the mistake. ©

 The  sixfold ring bearer throws into double coverage, the Packers Secondary proves existence for the first time, Adrian Amos intercepts the ball and gives his team the chance to shorten it further.

That will be achieved, and even if the two-point conversion fails: At the beginning of the last quarter there is a one-score game. High tension!

Packers make less than nothing out of two INTs

And the already dramatic course of the game goes one better. Evans is addressed just before the end zone, lets the ball bounce – and the Packers intercep again! Tampa Bay is apparently still swimming the game away.


 The  Bucs defense holds, but the game repeats itself: Brady can be pecked again, Jaire Alexander is there for a deep pass.


 The  invitations aren’t enough, Rodgers can’t find his receivers under a lot of pressure. Two three-and-outs are pathetic odds from two turnovers, and that’s exactly what takes revenge in the end.


 The  Buccaneers still have a field goal, increasing the lead to eight points just under five minutes before the end.

A cowardly call robs the Packers of their last chance

This is followed by a finish that Green Bay will talk about for a long time – but in a negative sense.


 The  Packers work their way into the end zone under pressure, but three Rodgers passes fail and the “Cheeseheads” make a curious choice: With 2:09 minutes left on the clock, they go for the field goal and hope to be five points behind to get the ball all over again.

Alone: ​​That no longer happens – not surprisingly.

Brady and the offense stay ice cold, the Packers help out with some penalties, and the game is over.

Text which: ©

Super Bowl LV takes place in Tampa Bay in front of 22,000 fans

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