No DLC plans whatsoever, but developers would like to develop a sequel


In Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (ab 35,00€ at buy) is not only traditionally plowed in the rice field, developer Edelweiss also seems to prefer classic strategies in terms of publication policy. On their Twitter appearances (via the team members “Koichi” and “Nal” commented on nonexistent DLC plans and their future ambitions.
“There are no plans for downloadable content, but we would like to have a successor when the opportunity arises,” said Koichi. Nal then posted: “Although we have no concrete plans for a successor, I have nothing but gratitude for our fans. If the timing is right, I hope we can meet their expectations.”

In addition, the developers defended the demanding control of manual rice cultivation, which cannot be carried out simply as elsewhere at the push of a button on predetermined paths through mere hard work.

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DLC plans whatsoever developers develop sequel


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