Now the Samsung mobile phone is becoming a price tip


 The  Samsung Galaxy A71 is one of the most popular smartphones on the market – it is in third place in our reader ranking. © The  Galaxy A71 is now available at particularly low prices at mobilcom-debitel. Important: As part of the “Preiskracher” campaign, there is a mobile phone without a contract, even if the retailer sounds more like a tariff sale. For the promotion, the price drops to 289 euros. This makes the smartphone a real price hit. ©

 The  promotion is valid until Wednesday evening – or while stocks last.

Almost exactly a year ago, in January 2020, the Galaxy A71 was launched for 469 euros at the time. Now it is 180 euros cheaper and is also a tip in terms of price. © The  470 Euro manufacturer price was generally considered to be a little too high.

Galaxy A71 as a price hit: that’s how good the offer is

Even if the 180 Euro discount compared to the original price is not a basis for a current comparison, it does show how strong the price drop is after only one year.

But mobilcom-debitel’s offer can also convince when compared with current market developments. © The re is no other dealer for the powerful mid-range smartphone for less than 300 euros. Nothing about that either. © The  competition only follows at around 350 euros. Prices between 300 and 320 euros have recently been realistic. ©

 The  price trend also shows: ©

 The  Galaxy A71 has never been as cheap as it is now.

→ To the price hit offer

This is what sets the A71 apart

Samsung’s Galaxy A71 is right up there in the A-class, the middle class of Samsung smartphones. Technically, it is a bit higher than the Galaxy A51, which is also very popular.

Highlights are the versatile camera, the display and generally the contemporary equipment. Samsung is already installing the fingerprint sensor in the display. A feature that was initially reserved for high-end cell phones. Customers have to cut back on typical mid-range compromises. ©

 The  cell phone is not waterproof and cannot be charged wirelessly. With its 4,500 mAh, the battery performed well in our test.


 The  mobilcom-debitel offer has been available since Sunday and ends on Wednesday or when stocks are exhausted. A countdown on the supply side shows how long and, above all, whether the deal is still valid.

You can save a further 4.95 euros if you order the mobile phone online, but pick it up at a retailer’s branch. According to the click-and-collect principle, you can pick it up flexibly and it will be reserved for you for two days. However, you should make sure that this also works at your nearby branch in the current lockdown.

Affiliate link: inside digital receives a small commission when you shop via the marked link. This does not affect the price of the product. ©

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Samsung mobile phone price tip


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