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The course set for profitable growth

Haar (pta009 / 01/14/2021 / 09:30) – 01/14/2021 – Vossloh is “active worldwide in the rail technology markets; the core business is the railway infrastructure” with the three business areas Core Components (rail fastening systems, concrete sleepers, concrete level crossings), Customized Modules (turnout systems, signaling technology, signaling systems) and lifecycle solutions (rail and turnout processing, just-in-time logistics). When we decided at the end of October 2020 to dedicate the next cover story to Vossloh AG, the price had fallen by a third from EUR 41.70 to EUR 30 since July. In the meantime, however, the loss has almost been made up again at EUR 41.35. From our point of view, part of it was already part of it, but not the whole

existing potential raised.

As early as NJ 7/20 we pointed out how much the apparently endless sales process for the locomotive business as a prerequisite for concentrating on the rail infrastructure had pulled on the nerves of investors. However, at this point in time, after its March low of EUR 23.40, the share was already trading at EUR 38.85 again and seemed to be approaching its previous year’s high of EUR 42.50. At this point in time, the stock exchange was no longer looking at the losses reported for 2019, but at the results adjusted for one-off charges and the successful start to the year in the first quarter of 2020. The stock market value, which had plummeted to EUR 411 million at the beginning of the Corona crisis, recovered by Summer back to EUR 679 million. The analysts’ targets of EUR 40 to 45 were not far off.

After returning to the price level of the summer, our statements at that time can not only be confirmed, but also classified as too cautious against the background of the strong third quarter, which benefited from the implementation of the efficiency program. However, due to the relatively high valuation of EUR 726.3 million, the prerequisite for further price increases is still a really strong increase in profit.

The detailed report on Vossloh AG with the interview with the executive board will be published in the January edition of the Nebenwerte-Journal: www.nebenwerte-journal.de. The reproduction is free provided the source is stated. The figures in brackets indicate the respective comparative values ​​for the same period of the previous year.

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