Opposition demands clarity and transparency about further action – Coronavirus Vienna


Loacker wanted “more honesty” and “clear messages”.

© www.de24.news The  opposition demanded clarity and transparency on Saturday in view of the government’s consultations with state governors, experts and social partners about the extension of the corona lockdown.

Understanding that the situation with the more contagious virus mutation has changed was shown by the NEOS, which called for faster vaccinations. © www.de24.news The  FPÖ is nevertheless in favor of a quick end to the lockdown – and the SPÖ held the government on a “zigzag course”.

Criticism from the SPÖ, NEOS and FPÖ

Turquoise-green apparently “unfortunately still has no long-term plan”, said SPÖ health spokesman Philipp Kucher – Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) “wanted to relax a few weeks ago from January 18th, then want to relax from January 25th, now should there are tightening “. © www.de24.news The  SPÖ always said that the number of infections had to decide “and not any PR considerations in the Chancellery”. It is important that the measures are finally justified in a comprehensible manner, he emphasized in a statement to the APA.

“More honesty and clear announcements” on the part of the government so that people understand the measures and take them along, warned NEOS health spokesman Gerald Loacker. Clear criteria and a clear period of time are needed – “even if that doesn’t mean good news”. Should the government follow the experts and tighten the lockdown, it must disclose the underlying data. And he pushed for “vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate”, much faster than the current “snail’s pace”.

FPÖ boss Norbert Hofer considers it “despite all the reservations” of the experts – whose statements he “does not doubt” – but the better way to end the lockdown quickly and to enable business and work under clear conditions. Because the “civil disobedience” was probably not included in the specialists’ calculations. © www.de24.news The  lockdown will lead to an increase in private meetings because people “just can’t stand the social isolation”. In addition, with a view to the economy, he believes that “Austria will not be able to cope with an extension of the lockdown”. At the same time, Hofer vehemently insisted on reactivating the army hospitals in order to have sufficient hospital capacity.

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Opposition demands clarity transparency action Coronavirus Vienna


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