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The number of sexual partners can greatly increase the risk of developing cancer. People who have affairs are also more at risk, says a new study.

If you have too many changing sexual partners – especially at a young age – this could endanger your health. Because as researchers have found, the risk of cancer increases with the number of partners you have had oral sex with.

This is shown by the results of a study by scientists at Johns Hopkins University, which was published in the journal “Cancer”. They found that people who have had oral sex with more than ten partners in their lifetime are four times more likely to develop HPV-related mouth and throat cancer. The virus is a major cause of these cancers and is sexually transmitted.

The Baltimore team studied 163 patients who had cancer of the mouth / throat and 345 healthy study participants over several years. The test subjects also filled out a questionnaire about their sexual history, preferences and relationship status.

Frequency and intensity are decisive

As it turned out during the evaluation, the younger participants had a higher risk of cancer than the older ones. This was also increased in people who had oral sex with several partners at a young age. It was also shown that extra-marital sex or affairs can also increase the risk of oral sex. “Our study builds on previous research and shows that not only the number of oral sexual partners, but also other, previously overlooked factors contribute to the risk of HPV-related cancer,” said study director Virginia Drake in a press release.

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Oral sex partners increases risk cancer love


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