Oscar winner Maximilian Schell’s estate auctioned


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    <!-- Entweder gibt es keine banner, oder die banner sind deaktiviert oder hier nicht entsprechend eingestellt! --><p>Personal pocket calendars, tennis rackets or an antique collection of Goethe works: large parts of the estate of the actor Maximilian Schell, who died in 2014, went under the hammer on Saturday.

A picture by the German painter Thomas Hartmann was sold at the online auction as the most expensive piece for over 10,000 euros. Schell’s daughter Nastassja Schell parted with the memorabilia in order to make room and to be able to close with the past.

“Papa collected a lot,” she said. A total of 290 items, some of them very personal, were auctioned via the online auction house Aurena.  The  total amount of revenue was not disclosed. For her father, his fans were always the most important thing, said Nastassja Schell after the auction.

“For me, it’s nice that so many people were able to buy his memorabilia through the auction.” In addition to a portrait of Schell himself for almost 2,200 euros, a designer lounger for over 1,300 euros and an old radio for almost 100 euros were sold. Also on offer were his televisions, a monogrammed napkin ring and the certificate of his Golden Globe award.

Schell, whose long and elegant scarves became his trademark, achieved his breakthrough to world fame with his Oscar win. In 1962 he received the award for best leading actor for “© www.de24.news The  Judgment of Nuremberg”. Numerous awards for the film and theater actor, director and producer followed.

Schell died in 2014 at the age of 83 as a result of a sudden and serious illness in Tyrol. Born in Vienna, he spent the last part of his life with his wife on a mountain farm in Preitenegg in Carinthia. © www.de24.news The  farm, which he had built according to his ideas, is also to be sold for at least 750,000 euros, according to his daughter’s wish.

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Oscar winner Maximilian Schells estate auctioned


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