O’Sullivan shocked by Selby’s behavior: “Never get over it”

O'Sullivan shocked by Selby's behavior:

In an exclusive interview with Eurosport, Ronnie O’Sullivan was “really shocked” by Mark Selby’s behavior after his defeat in the World Cup semi-finals at the Crucible. Obviously the game Selby “injured” and “drawn”.

“After my last game against Selby, I realized that the World Cup semi-finals must really hurt him,” said O’Sullivan. “I didn’t notice it then. I thought it was just a game and he just lost the semi-finals. No problem, he’ll come back and get the title another time.”

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He continued, “But when I saw his interview after the match, I realized he was injured. He’d forgotten 33 frames and only had two moves on his mind. I think that kind of marked him. Me think he will not get over it because for him it is a World Cup that he lost and that he will never get back. “

O’Sullivan is convinced: “Even if he wins the tournament once or twice he will never forget the match. He thought he had already won it. How he has acted since then and some of the things he has said since then show that it bothers him a lot more than I ever thought. To be honest, I was really shocked. But he has to deal with it his own way. “

Methodical madness

Selby had accused O’Sullivan of disrespecting him and the sport for simply playing balls at high speed during snooker situations and hoping for the best instead of engaging in a tactical game.

“I feel like he was a little disrespectful to me and the game. Not many players would just go out and play at 100 mph if they were in a snooker,” said Selby.

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Despite these objections, the method became apparent in O’Sullivan’s madness. The most successful player in history fought his way back from a 14:16 deficit by three fast frames and sealed a memorable victory after three nerve-wracking days.

Besides, his approach didn’t come as a shock. As early as June he announced that he wanted to avoid another tactical battle with Selby at all costs. “I’m not going to get dragged into eight or nine frames over 50 minutes because they destroy you,” O’Sullivan said.

More taunts

In Selby’s 9-3 victory in the final of the Scottish Open last month, there were again clashes between the rivals. Both players accused the other of unsportsmanlike conduct.

Selby accused O’Sullivan of chalking his cue in the early stages of the match to throw him out of the rhythm. O’Sullivan replied that Selby’s water bottle bothered him during the game. Selby also teased O’Sullivan for complaining about the tips of his cues and playing with the cue.

O’Sullivan experienced first hand how the player, whom he once called “the torturer”, fought his way back from a 5-10 deficit in 2014 and denied him the sixth world title with 18:14.

“People may say that the 2014 title slipped through my fingers,” said O’Sullivan. “But he did the same thing to Higgins. Now people think he’s a better player when he’s four or five frames behind.”

He explained: “And he’s also more dangerous because he changes his approach. I lost in 2014, but I never thought I should have won that. I knew at 10-5 that there was still a long way to go . I had missed a black ball and thought: ‘It can still take its revenge’. If you miss a ball at 10: 5 against most players, it is not the end of the world. But it is made of harder cloth. “

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OSullivan shocked Selbys behavior


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