OTS: Boerse Stuttgart / Boerse Stuttgart GmbH concludes award proceedings


Boerse Stuttgart GmbH brings award proceedings to a conclusion

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Stuttgart (ots) – Boerse Stuttgart GmbH has been able to do this for many yearsbring ongoing award proceedings to a conclusion. The trial was in 2008

Efforted by several outside shareholders of EUWAX Aktiengesellschaft

after the legal predecessor of Boerse Stuttgart GmbH with EUWAX

Aktiengesellschaft concluded a domination and profit transfer agreement

would have. This included a cash compensation – the so-called

Guaranteed dividend – and a compensation payment for shares tendered.

Several outside shareholders had requested the amount in the award proceedings

to have the cash compensation and the compensatory payment reviewed by a court. The

Boerse Stuttgart GmbH won the award proceedings in the first instance and

now in the second instance with the outside shareholders still involved

agreed on a settlement. This allowed the procedure to be completed after more than 12

Years to end.

The end of the award proceedings does not affect the existing one

Domination and profit transfer agreement. As long as the contract is in place, will

the guaranteed dividend in the same amount from Boerse Stuttgart GmbH to

outside shareholders of EUWAX Aktiengesellschaft.

Press contact:

Boerse Stuttgart GmbH

Börsenstrasse 4

70174 Stuttgart

Phone +49 711 222985-711

Fax +49 711 222985-555

mailto: [email protected]


Further material: http://presseportal.de/pm/80210/4806722

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OTS Boerse Stuttgart Boerse Stuttgart GmbH concludes award proceedings


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