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Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – Under the leadership of Federal Chief Armin Laschet, the Southwest CDU is heading for the state elections.  The  Christian Democrats want to decide on their election program today at their first digital party congress. In Stuttgart, the newly elected CDU chairman Armin Laschet is expected in person in the afternoon – he will give a speech in the southwest of all places, where his competitor for the chairmanship, Friedrich Merz, always had a particularly large number of supporters. ©

 The  delegates hope that the federal party will provide a tailwind for the important elections on March 14th.

Immediately before the party congress, Laschet praised the Minister of Culture Susanne Eisenmann as a “very committed top candidate” “I have great respect for her commitment and that of the entire Southwest CDU Thomas Strobl. I want to support this mission “, Laschet told the” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung “(Saturday). “A strong CDU was and is good for Baden-Württemberg.”


 The  two state elections in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate on March 14th are considered the first mood test for the new CDU leader, who also depends on whether he can become the Union’s candidate for chancellor. On Friday it became known that Laschet had been confirmed as CDU boss in the CDU’s postal vote with just over 80 percent.

Laschet told the “FAZ” about the attitude of the Southwest CDU in the election of the chairman: “Many party friends in Baden-Württemberg supported me, otherwise the election result would not have been possible.” In addition, Eisenmann “pointed out that we can learn a lot from our state election campaign in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2017”. After Laschet’s freestyle, she said to the CDU chief that he had beaten the popular SPD Prime Minister Hannelore Kraft in 2017. Eisenmann takes on the popular head of government Winfried Kretschmann (Greens).

At the state party conference in the Stuttgart Wagenhallen, which actually hold more than 2000 guests, only 50 people are expected – each of them has to undergo a rapid corona test before entering the hall. “It’s a bit like being in a spaceship,” commented the Baden-Württemberg state chief and CDU federal vice-president Thomas Strobl on the fact that this time he wasn’t speaking to hundreds of people, but only to screens and cameras. His regional association has brought up a lot of technology – 67 spotlights, 500 meters of fiber optic cable, 12 television monitors, 16 loudspeakers. ©

 The  spotlights above the stage alone weigh a ton.

“Corona turns a lot on its head,” said State Secretary-General Manuel Hagel of the dpa. “It is clear, however, that we are not in emergency mode with our campaign. We are constantly learning and will keep many formats for the post-Corona period.” With a 100-point election program, the CDU wants to make more money for families, internal security and the expansion of the fast Internet in the event of a takeover. Hagel speaks of an “unleashing program”.


 The  traditionally conservative Southwest CDU provided the head of government in Baden-Württemberg for many decades. Since 2016, the CDU has governed as a junior partner in a coalition with the Greens under Kretschmann’s leadership. With Eisenmann, who is also fighting for open schools as minister of education in the Corona crisis, the party wants to find its old strength.


 The  south-west CDU is considered to be the stronghold of the “Fans of Friedrich” – the association spoke out in favor of Merz in the fight for the CDU federal chairmanship. Last week, however, Laschet was elected at the federal party conference with a 55-vote lead – the close result of the runoff shows how divided the party is still.

“Many people in Baden-Wuerttemberg, including many non-CDU members, have spoken out in favor of Friedrich Merz because of his economic profile and the fact that the CDU is more recognizable,” said the CDU top candidate Eisenmann of the “Schwäbische Zeitung” https: // “But we can live very well with Armin Laschet as party leader.”

In Baden-Württemberg, with a view to March 14, they are now relying on unity and a tailwind from Berlin. “Laschet brings people together. He will be able to address those who did not vote for him,” said Head of State Strobl of the dpa. “It has an integrating effect towards the center and can support and stabilize us over the next seven weeks.” Laschet could not only hold a party together, but also a society in these difficult times. Strobl emphasized that not only Merz but also Laschet had economic competence: “Laschet is an industrial politician who successfully leads an industrial country with a lot of know-how for medium-sized businesses and crafts.”

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Parties Stuttgart Southwest CDU starts Laschet election politics


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