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Frederik Mayet makes it clear: This beard stays on despite Corona

Jesus keeps his beard even in Corona times: This is made clear by actor Frederik Mayet, who is to take on the role of the Son of God at the Oberammergau Passion Play next year. © The  background to this is the relaxation of the ban on shaving due to the festival, as only smooth facial skin with FFP2 masks offers optimal protection. Actually, according to the Hair and Beard Decree, the performers in the Passion Play are no longer allowed to shave and go to the hairdresser’s a year before they begin.

But he will adhere to the hair and beard decree, Mayet made it clear to the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (weekend): “First of all, we are concerned with the head hair, because until it has a biblical length, i.e. shoulder-length, you need it 15, 16 months. ” With a beard, however, you can still get a decent growth five months before the premiere in May 2022.

Glued-on beards are no alternative, the Oberammergau-Jesus makes clear: “For us this is not an option.” Sticking on a proper theatrical beard definitely takes two hours: “And if we have 1,000 men on stage, every participant would need another mask lady. Not feasible.”

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