Peat festival in the driving force of Nuremberg: 96 celebrates a spectacular away win

Peat festival in the driving force of Nuremberg: 96 celebrates a spectacular away win

“Just for fun, I asked if we didn’t want to move every away game to Nuremberg,” joked goal scorer Timo Hübers. Fits! 96 feels good in Franconia – even if it was actually disgusting conditions. Blowing snow, wet and cold around 0 degrees and of course no fans, instead of the 27,000 who were still there in March 2020 – but it doesn’t matter.  The  5: 2 only seemed to be in jeopardy for a short time and 96 solved it with ease.


It was a déjà-vu with a clear victory and three goals ahead of the previous year, when a full backdrop was allowed in the stadium for the last time. It was a déjà vu especially for Hübers. He had also scored his goal to make it 2-0 in the meantime in Nuremberg. It was just as nice as a year ago: Corner Dominik Kaiser from the right, Hübers walks in and easily heads in (24th). ©

 The  defender is happy: “That suits me very well here.” At 3-0 a year ago it was Hübers first professional goal, this time the second. ©

 The  double Nuremberg! Kenan Kocak was satisfied: “We were immediately present.”

Pictures from the game of the 2nd Bundesliga between 1.FC Nürnberg and Hannover 96

Baris Basdas wins the header against Nuremberg striker Manuel Schäffler.


Marvin Ducksch had set the goal four minutes beforehand. Nuremberg’s Asger Sörensen was only able to stop Hanover’s most successful striker with a foul after a fine submission by the outstanding Genki Haraguchi in the penalty area. ©

 The  Dane pulled and pushed, Ducksch fell – and turned the 911 cool flat into the corner. “We had a very good match plan and we could make up for something from last week. We managed to do that very well, ”said the goal scorer.

96 played even after the 2-0 lead in a superior, deliberate and efficient manner. ©

 The  hosts from Nuremberg couldn’t think of much – but striker Manuel Schäffler put a ball in front of their feet shortly before the break. A shot attempt by Robin Hack was deflected for submission. This time Schäffler was the duel winner against the otherwise ripped off Hübers (35th).

But even that could not shock 96 and the defender. “Sometimes that’s not so bad if you don’t go into the dressing room 2-0. That is a deceptive result, ”said Hübers. And so 96 came all the more concentrated from the half-time break. A-class student Haraguchi just hit it from 22 meters on the snow-soaked place, Christian Mathenia only watched the Nürnberger Tor – 3: 1 (58th), preliminary decision. Coach Kocak: “After the 3: 1 we had that very well under control.”

But because 96 likes to play in Nuremberg, two substitutes were allowed to cheer. First substitute Florent Muslija hit a free kick straight into it (72nd). ©

 The  96 technical ace had previously scared Ducksch off the ball, who had wanted to shoot himself. ©

 The  striker looked angry – until Muslija’s shot hit the goal. FCN goalkeeper Mathenia helped, fisted next to it, shouted: “Meeeeein Gott, ey”. ©

 The  fifth 96 thing was then scored by substitute Patrick Twumasi five minutes before the end with force in the short corner. ©

 The  template had come from Muslija.

Nürnberg’s Johannes Geis made it a little more bearable for the home side in the 89th minute, which was also a direct free kick. Despite conceding the second goal, Kocak was very “satisfied with the team’s mentality” and the performance. “But it was far from a perfect game.” ©

 The  coach does not want to create false euphoria. No wonder: it will continue on Wednesday. ©

 The n 96 starts in Karlsruhe in the second half of the season.

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Peat festival driving force Nuremberg celebrates spectacular win


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