Perez’s first day at Red Bull: “Feels great!”

Perez's first day at Red Bull:

( – A new chapter in his Formula 1 career has started for Sergio Perez. After seven years at Force India and Racing Point, the Mexican will serve at Red Bull in 2021 and was now a guest at the Milton Keynes factory for his inaugural visit. “It just feels great,” he says in a published video interview.

Sergio Perez shows himself in the colors of Red Bull



“I’ve waited my whole career to get the opportunity with a top team. Now it’s finally here, and at the right time,” said the Mexican, who is already looking forward to the new challenge: “It’s really great. To be part of the Red Bull family. “

What he has seen of the team so far has been quite impressive. According to Perez, he immediately sees the differences to his previous teams: “You can see straight away why they are so successful,” he emphasizes.

He never really believed in the chance with the cops: “I still can’t believe I’m here. When I put on the Red Bull branding, it’s still ‘Wow’. I never had that really seen as an option because I wasn’t part of the Red Bull program. But sometimes you end up with what you dreamed of in life. “

Perez already with his first ideas

And dreamed of Red Bull, according to Perez himself. “It’s a dream come true. To be part of the Red Bull family is just fantastic. I love this brand and admire them for what they do and how much they do for the sport.”

Sergio Perez in der Red-Bull-Fabrik

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Sergio Perez in der Red-Bull-Fabrik

Red Bull’s Formula 1 newcomer Sergio Perez talks about his first visit to the Milton Keynes plant!

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Of course, the Mexican is hoping for a good start together and a successful season. Although he still has a lot to learn, he already has an idea how he can help Red Bull become even better. “I know what I need from myself. And I feel that I can drive the team in certain areas – just by talking to the team.”

“I think we know the direction. Of course I have to wait and drive the car first, but there are good ideas that we share with the team, which will hopefully bring us performance,” said Checo. He was able to get a first impression of the RB16 in the simulator.

“Now I have the right material!”

Before the test drives begin in Bahrain at the beginning of March, however, Perez first has to acclimate himself. After seven years at Silverstone, he feels like a dog coming into a new family. “You get used to everything and suddenly everything is different. But I feel very comfortable here. It’s a fantastic team, everyone is sticking together and I can see a lot of fun ahead of us.”

He now sees the move to the cops as a good opportunity to show what he can do and take the next step: “Now I seem to have the right material. So I have to make sure that I get it to work.”

Sergio Perez: first appearance for Red Bull

Whether that works also depends on the time it takes to get used to it, but Perez sees it as an advantage that the season begins in Bahrain, where they also do the test drives and have recently driven two races. “That’s a good reference,” he says. “That will help me to get up to speed a little faster.”

“But,” he continues, “nothing just falls at your feet. You have to learn and work to be quick with the car. But it will. Of course, we are very limited with one and a half test days, but that’s the same for everyone.” says the Red Bull driver. “Many drivers change teams. We’ll see who can adapt the fastest.”

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Perezs day Red Bull Feels great


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