Pietro Lombardi: Corona breathing problems – Sarah and Laura Maria also affected?


Pietro Lombardi is infected with the corona virus. The “DSDS” winner gave a health update: He is worse. Now ex-girlfriend Laura Maria is also in quarantine.

  • Singer Pietro Lombardi got positive on that Coronavirus tested.
  • In his Instagram story he gives regular updates on how he is currently doing. Finally he announced that he was feeling worse and resolved with it huge concern for the fans out.
  • His illness also has consequences for others: Now is his Ex-girlfriend Laura Maria after a meeting also in quarantine – and also Sarah Lombardi is thinking about it.

Update from January 10, 2021, 11:02 a.m .: Refrained despite his announced breathing problems Pietro Lombardi not on its daily Instagram-Live-Session at 12:15 am and serenade his fans there as always. One thing seems to be missing from the DSDS winner: Ketchup. He shares a photo with himself and his friends on the Instagram story and asks: “Can someone bring me ketchup?” The marked friends react immediately by private message, because in the next picture the singer writes with laughing smileys: A friend is coming extra from Düsseldorf with a bottle of ketchup, another is delivering fries. With so many good friends, it doesn’t seem to fail in terms of supply. Also pop singers Giovanni Zarella went to the pharmacy for Pietro (see below).

Pietro’s buddies are quarantining ketchup and fries.

© Screenshot Instagram / Pietro Lombardi

Pietro Lombardi’s ex Laura Maria is in corona quarantine because of him

The pastimes seem too Pietro Lombardi currently not to go out. He shaves his hair, watches a Harry Potter movie, and makes video calls to his Son Alessio. But maybe he’s not the only one who has pie during the quarantine calling. Because just made his Ex-girlfriend Laura Maria public: She is also in quarantine because she previously met the 28-year-old. There is something like that Love comeback an?

Sarah Lombardi and Julian Büscher now also in quarantine?

Many fans are now also wondering: How is that actually with Sarah Lombardi, Mother of his son Alessio, and her fiancé, Julian Büscher? Don’t they also have to be quarantined? After all, the parents share Alessio’s upbringing. Sarah Lombardi explains in her Instagram story: No, she is not in quarantine. “We have that Called health department and informed us to follow their instructions and not go wrong. So we don’t have to be in quarantine. ”They are healthy. Even so, she and her family will take another test – just to be on the safe side.

Sarah Lombardi and Julian Büscher do a corona test.

© Screenshot Instagram / Sarah Lombardi @sarellax3

Pietro Lombardi: “It is harder to breathe than usual”

Update from January 09, 2021: Its infection with that Coronavirus prepares the fans of Pietro Lombardi continue to worry. The star singer gives his fans regular health updates and tells how he is doing with the virus. On Friday he gave his supporters a little fright. Pietro actually goes live every night at 12:15 a.m. for his fans Instagram. But now he had announced “not to be so active. Unfortunately, I’m not doing so well today ”. On a post he wrote that his throat was slowly causing serious problems. The fans seem to have worried a lot.

As Lombardi himself revealed on Instagram, there are probably extremely many Follower reported, wanted to know how their favorite star is doing with the virus. And he explained his own in detail in his Instagram story Status. “It is currently the case for me that I can breathe extremely badly. You can’t really breathe in and out. Singing is getting harder and harder. It’s definitely harder to breathe than usual, ”he announced.

Pietro Lombardi infected with Corona: This is how he fights the virus

Sounds like it took the musician a little harder. Still, his fans shouldn’t worry about Pietro, as he himself says: “Otherwise I’m actually fine, a bit of bone pain of course. I can still smile, let’s put it that way. ”Den Followern he also reveals how he is fighting the virus. “Drink plenty of water, take in lots of vitamins and rest as much as possible,” says Lombardi.

And of course Pietro won’t let his fans down either. Despite his announcement that he wanted to take it easy, the Instagram star went live again that night. To four in the morning he talked to the fans and showed with some of the musical cover versions that he sang that his voice is damaged, but still works quite well. He also got his buddy out of hand Filip Pavlovic with in the round. The “Bachelorette” star will participate in the jungle camp replacement from next week. RTL has now confirmed all stars for the jungle show.

Pietro Lombardi spends the night despite the virus disease – fans are concerned

Despite the late hour there were again thousands of Followern live on Instagram. That he was in spite of his State of health So busy singing so late at night, not every fan of the 28-year-old celebrates. So many of his Instagram posts are asking him to cure himself rather than spend the night. “Wouldn’t it be better to go easy on your lungs?” Asks concerned user. Many other fans ask him to take it easy and sleep a lot so that his condition improves quickly. “Health is the most important thing in the world and your fans are waiting for you, you know that,” it also says in the The comments. His fans would not hold the singer offended for a little break.

DSDS winner from 2011: Pietro Lombardi has Corona.

© Screenshot Instagram

Corona attacks Pietro Lombardi: DSDS star is worse off – he has to withdraw

Update from January 8, 2021, 6:50 p.m.: Pietro Lombardi is it worse. The singer who deals with the Coronavirus infected gave a health update on his condition. Corona is hard on him – the result: He withdraws a little more from social networks.

Lombardi writes on Instagram: “I won’t be so active today. Unfortunately, I’m not doing so well today. “

The singer explains what particularly pains him: “I’m slowly noticing that my throat is closing.” He posts this under a current clip in which he sings for his followers. Now he follows the advice of the fans, who urge him to take it easy. “If it gets better,” he writes, it will stream again.

In quarantine he had DSDS winner its time with Livestreams used, covered different songs for his followers every day. This is now over – health comes first.

DSDS winner Pietro Lombardi: This is how he spends the quarantine time

Update from January 8th 2021: Pietro Lombardi was positive Covid-19 tested. The 28-year-old is currently in quarantine, gives regular updates about his via Instagram Health status. For Lombardi the first thing is: Stay home and get well. The singer also passes the time quite well: in the evening he first looked in Soccer game of his colleague Sinan Silver and shortly afterwards posted a cover version of “Always Remember Us This Way” of Lady Gaga.

The DSDS star has his voice back after confirming to his followers and fans that they regularly “shit”. Lombardi left again shortly after midnight live on Instagram – The musician is unlikely to be bored. During his live session, Lombardi answered questions from his fans – one user was even so excited because she spoke to the singer in the middle of the night that she had a fit of laughter. How did Pietro Lombardi react? “I was really confused“Wrote the 28-year-old.

Pietro Lombardi has Corona: the singer gives a health update

Update from January 7th, 2021: With this news hunted Pietro Lombardi a big shock to his fans. The popular singer has dealt with the Coronavirus infected. The former shared on Instagram “DSDS” winner with the fact that he last didn’t feel well in the morning and therefore did a test. This was ultimately positive.

Pietro is of course currently in quarantine. Now he reported from his home, which he is currently not allowed to leave, and entered Health update. In its Instagram-Story said the musician from his bed to his followers. “My voice is pooping insane,” he confessed. “But hey, don’t forget to smile”, Pietro doesn’t let himself get down. Fortunately, he can do that Support his friends counting.

Pietro Lombardi tested positive for Corona: This hit megastar is now taking care of him

And as far as this help is concerned, Pietro seems to be in the best of hands: a German Schlager megastar namely takes care of him. Because while the “Cinderella” interpreter is in domestic isolation, buddies go shopping for him – and one of them is none other than Giovanni Zarrella.

Pietro Lombardi treats himself to the vitamins that his friend Giovanni Zarrella brought him.

© Screenshot: instagram/pietrolombardi

Zarrella and Pietro Lombardi have long been good friends. So it is clear that the Schlager star does not let Pietro hang in the difficult phase. As the 28-year-old says, Giovanni is specially for him pharmacy hazards. “I’m going to treat myself to a few vitamins, Giovanni brought me something,” the music star chatted about what was in the pharmacy delivery. Pietro also has some good news for the fans: his usual evening meal Instagram-Live-Video he will pull through despite his poor voice.

Corona positive! Pietro Lombardi shocks fans – and expresses himself directly: “I’ll tell you honestly …”

First report from January 6th, 2021: Munich – Pietro Lombardi is apparently with that Coronavirus infected – “I got up this morning and had such an uncomfortable feeling in my body that I had never felt before,” shares the “DSDS “winner from 2011 on Instagram With. “My stomach told me, come do a corona test,” the 28-year-old said in his story. And Lombardi has probably not deceived his feeling. Unfortunately, the test was positive.

But what does that mean for him now? “For now that means that I have Corona ‘”‘ speaks Lombardi via Insta-Story to his fans. He now has to stay at home for now, but wants to keep his fans up to date on “how I am doing”.

Pietro Lombardi: “DSDS” winner is Corona-positive – and shares his suffering with his fans on Instagram

At Pietro Lombardi a mild infection appears to be emerging. At least at the time of the story he still seems to be in good spirits: “Currently I have a bit of bone pain, but otherwise I’m fine. I’ll tell you honestly. ”

His family has apparently shopped for the “DSDS” winner. At the end of the story, Lombardi shows a picture with a shopping bag that was apparently placed in front of the door.

After a tough year 2020, the “DSDS” winner starts the young 2021 shaken by crisis. Last year Lombardi experienced a serious financial setback. Even in love, 2020 was not exactly a lucky year for Lombardi – the singer recently revealed extremely private details in a question and answer session and said what an absolute “no-go” for him with a woman.

Rubriklistenbild: © Screenshot: instagram/pietrolombardi

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