Pietro Lombardi gives Corona update: “Can’t breathe properly” – people


Pietro Lombardi (28) announced on Wednesday that he was infected with the corona virus and is in quarantine at home. On Instagram, he is now giving his fans an update on his health and reporting that some symptoms have worsened.

“It is currently the case for me that I can breathe extremely badly. Otherwise I’m actually fine, ”said Pietro in his Instagram story. He is breathing hard and struggling with bone pain.

Pietro explains to his fans: “This breathing … you can’t breathe in and out properly”. Singing is also becoming “increasingly difficult” for him.

On Wednesday, Pietro informed his fans on Instagram that he had tested positive for CoronaPhoto: pietrolombardi / Instagram

The pop star has not lost his good mood: “I can still smile, let’s put it that way,” he joked on.

On Wednesday the symptoms started with him: “I got up and felt such an uncomfortable body feeling. My stomach told me: ‘Come on, do a corona test.’ And unfortunately I tested positive ”. Then he immediately went into quarantine.

The musician now uses his boredom during the quarantine period in a particularly creative way – and does not want to stop singing: Pietro is currently uploading a few song covers to his Instagram profile to distract himself.

Pietro: “I need to make a little music. You know, otherwise I am not so happy ”. Otherwise, Pietro is currently indulging in a lot of rest at home, water and vitamins so that, hopefully, he will feel better quickly.

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Pietro Lombardi Corona update breathe properly people


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