Pinkafeld: Corona vaccination in the St. Vinzenz house


On January 12th, the vaccinations against the coronavirus started in Haus St. Vinzenz in Pinkafeld.

PINKAFELD. The house of St. Vinzenz also started vaccinations against the coronavirus this week. Employees and residents were able to get vaccinated voluntarily. How the visitor regulations will develop in the future is still unclear. “We are glad that we could finally start with the long-awaited vaccinations. The residents are also happy about the start. At the moment it is still uncertain how the vaccinated people will be relieved and how the visitor regulations will develop ”, explains home manager Claudia Prenner.

Vaccination readiness great

The willingness to vaccinate in the house of St. Vinzenz was very high and increases more and more with the increase in factual information. More than 90% of the residents and 30-40% of the employees were vaccinated in the first round. “The preparations for the vaccinations required a lot of time. It was difficult to get all the permits. In addition, the relatives of the residents had to be included. There was no problem with the doctors. We were very well prepared for the vaccinations and the vaccination readiness was very high. The closer we got to the vaccinations, the more employees were convinced. After the first round, more people will be in touch, as the willingness to vaccinate increases as the level of factual clarification increases, ”says nursing manager Margarete Plank.

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Pinkafeld Corona vaccination Vinzenz house


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