Prices and date of the Samsung NEO QLED TVs 2021 revealed


Samsung Switzerland publishes the prices of the 4K & 8K NEO QLED TVs in 2021

Samsung Switzerland has communicated the sales prices for the new NEO QLED TV lineup in 2021. © The  4K & 8K QLED TVs with mini LED backlights are available from CHF 1,999 upwards (equivalent to € 2,220).

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the prices for Samsung’s “elite models” have risen compared to last year. In contrast to the 2020 models, the NEO QLED TVs finally offer display technology again and not just an infusion or rebranding of the previous year’s models. Means: In 2021 there will probably be another high-end device in the 4K segment. ©

 The  8K QLED televisions have also been adapted. In Switzerland, entry into the NEO QLED world (QE55QN85A or QE50QN90A) costs CHF 1,999, the equivalent of around EUR 2,220. In the previous year it was CHF 1,599, or CHF 400 or 25 percent less.

Better picture quality = higher price

The QN900A should have a total of four HDMI 2.1 connections
© The  top model QN900A 8K NEO QLED should surpass its predecessor Q900TS in terms of image quality thanks to the new mini LED backlight.


 The  price increases actually run through the entire 2021 Neo-QLED lineup, except for the 75 inch model of the QN85A (previous year Q85T) model series. As in the previous year, this costs CHF 3,999. ©

 The  same phenomenon occurs with the QN800A (previous year Q800T), which costs CHF 5,999 in both years. ©

 The  price increase varies between 100 and 2000 CHF, depending on the size and features. We expect a similar development for Germany. We’d rather pay a few euros more if the picture quality is right again.

In addition, Samsung’s PR agency in Switzerland communicated that the first models should go on sale in mid-March 2021!

We have converted the Swiss prices for the Samsung NEO QLED TVs into euros for you using the current exchange rate and taking into account the different VAT rates in the table below:

model CH price (CHF) DE price (converted)
QN85A (4K)
QE55QN85A 1.999,- 2.060,- €
QE65QN85A 2.599,- 2.680,- €
QE75QN85A 3.999,- 4.120,- €
QE85QN85A 5.299,- 5.460,- €
QN90A (4K)
QE50QN90A 1.999,- 2.060,- €
QE55QN90A 2.199,- 2.270,- €
QE65QN90A 2.999,- 3.090,- €
QE75QN90A 4.499,- 4.630,- €
QE85QN90A 5.999,- 6.180,- €
QN85A (4K + Slim One Connect Box)
QE55QN95A 2.399,- 2.470,- €
QE65QN95A 3.299,- 3.400,- €
QE75QN95A 4.999,- 5.250,- €
QE85QN95A 6.299,- 6.490,- €
QN800A (8K)
QE65QN800A 4.299,- 4.430,- €
QE75QN800A 5.999,- 6.180,- €
QE85QN800A 7.999,- 8.240,- €
QN900A (8K + Slim One Connect Box)
QE65QN900A 6.499,- 6.700,- €
QE75QN900A 7.999,- 8.240,- €
QE85QN900A 10.999,- 11.330,- €

Again the note that these are only converted euro prices. ©

 The  official price communication from Samsung Electronics Germany is still pending!

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Prices date Samsung NEO QLED TVs revealed


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