Project: Mara: Presenting the setting, aiming for photo-realism


In a new developer diary, Ninja  The ory deals with its “Project: Mara”, an experimental title in which the studio would like to continue to focus on the mapping of mental illnesses with the help of the interactive medium, as it has previously done with Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice did.

In the context of the video, in which Chief Creative Director Tameem Antoniades primarily deals with the technical aspects of realizing a photo-realistic environment, information about the location was revealed rather incidentally: In Project: Mara, you will actually only be in an apartment, the ninja Wants to recreate theory as real as possible. For this purpose, they have secured the support of an external specialist company to capture the details of the real template with complex scan technology and then to transfer them as authentically as possible into the virtual world using self-built developer tools.

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 The  Dreadnought Diaries Episode 3 | Capturing Reality Project Mara

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Project Mara Presenting setting aiming photorealism


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