Proton: Mozilla integrates the first design elements into the Firefox browser


 The  Firefox browser will soon receive an extensive design update. Now the developers have incorporated the first elements of the Proton design into the latest nightly build. © The  experimental innovations can be found in the tab bar of the browser.

New design highlights the tab button better

So far, the currently open tab was linked to the navigation bar. With the Proton design, the corresponding surface is better emphasized. In addition, the corners were slightly rounded and thus designed more modern. ©

 The  height of the tab bar has been increased so that the browser can also be operated more easily on devices with a touchscreen.

Firefox Proton©

 The  current tab display and …
Firefox Proton… the tab bar in Proton design

Users have to activate a flag option


 The  latest nightly build of Firefox is required for the changes to appear. ©

 The  experimental versions can be downloaded and installed from this page. After the installation the browser should be started and “about: config” should be entered in the address bar of the browser. Here “browser.proton.tabs.enabled” should be set to “true”. ©

 The  browser then only has to be restarted to see the new design elements.

Of course, the revised tab bar is not the only new feature that will be found in the Proton design. Mozilla plans to adapt the address bar, the main menu, the info bars, the context menus and other elements of the browser. ©

 The  changes should then be integrated into the final version with the update to Firefox 89.

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Proton Mozilla integrates design elements Firefox browser


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