PS5: Black console design – Dealer takes on Sony


Many fans would like the PS5 to be black. Now a dealer is offering suitable faceplates and is thus messing with Sony.

  • The PS5 is on November 19, 2020 with white Faceplates and black middle section has been released.
  • Right from the start Fans more color options desired, in particular Schwarz.
  • The Canadian manufacturer dbrands offers from 2021 black faceplates for Sony’s PlayStation 5 an.

Toronto, Kanada – The fight is on! So far there are PS5 Only available in a minimalist white look, much to the regret of many Fans. Because they want one color in particular, more than anything else: Schwarz. A remedy was already wanted Manufacturer with customizable Faceplates, so the side white PS5-Share, do. But Sony quickly put a stop to it all. Now the next one calls Dealer Sony out and is certain of his victory.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

PS5: Soon also available in black? Canadian manufacturer is confident

The ability to customize the Faceplates of Sony was known early on. The manufacturer Customize my Skin, at that time still under the name PlateStation5, wanted individual ones Faceplates for the Sony Offer console. But the Japanese company didn’t find the name as original as that Fans and the Dealer, because in short, you could think that this is the PlayStation 5. So the Dealer quickly punished and had to change his name.

But that’s not all, because Sony sued the dealer because of the offered Faceplates. The lawyers of Sony see in the Faceplates also the intellectual property of Sony and thus Customize my Plates violated patent rights. Had the Dealer resold the records, he might have ended up in court – a risk that the Dealer did not want to enter. This stopped the sale. But now a new opponent is daring to fight the Japanese console giant and not only shows determination, but also has a lot of humor.

PS5: Buy black faceplates – next dealer messes with Sony

© Sony / pixabay (Montage)

PS5: dbrand is the alleged world market leader for black PS5 faceplates

The Canadian Dealer dbrands is actually better known for its skins and cases for mobile phones, but has already ventured into skins for the popular Nintendo Switch. So was for dbrands Probably realized early on that they would also be able to adapt to individual Faceplates for the PS5 want to dare. Initially, the Canadian manufacturer actually wanted black Skins for the PS5 However, it quickly reached its aesthetic limits, because the inside of the Faceplates would still have been white. Therefore canceled dbrands the PS5 Skins and announced now matt black faceplates on – and they look really good.

Took at the announcement dbrands not only targeting CD Projekt RED with its release scandal, but also all scalpers who are the real ones Fans the PS5 snatched from under their noses. Of course, the question soon came from them Fans, if he Dealer would not be afraid of that Sony she would sue. Then replied dbrands dry: „We encourage them to try“. Also Sony should try. Dbrands‘ The advantage over other manufacturers is that the company has already generated quite a bit of sales and thus already has money for a possible court hearing. In addition, the Faceplates from the Canadian manufacturer none PlayStation or Sony-Logos implemented. Whether a dish is the pure form of the Faceplates really as the intellectual property of Sony would designate is therefore questionable.

Introducing: PlayStation 5 Faceplates from r/dbrand

PS5: Sony’s intimidation tactic won’t work on dbrands

This is how one Reddit user explains that Sony driving an intimidation tactic among smaller and newer dealers. You threaten to file a lawsuit, but do not carry it out (as happened with Customize my Plate). Since the manufacturers are new and therefore have little capital, a lawsuit could drive them into financial ruin. A risk that is hardly a Dealer comes in. There is also the Dealer GameArmor, which offers faceplates for the PS5 with loopholes. The odds for dbrands So it’s good that they are the black faceplates for the PS5 can really sell.

Rubriklistenbild: © Sony / pixabay (Montage)

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PS5 Black console design Dealer takes Sony


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