PS5: In addition to the console, game starts are also delayed


Updated January 19, 2021 at 5:01 p.m.

  • A before and after comparison of a PS5 trailer allows many conclusions.
  •  The  “fine print” has been changed in the second version of the video.
  • Game release dates have either been removed or changed.

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Sometimes it is not what you see that is revealing, but what you can no longer see. In a three-minute trailer made for the Consumer Electronics Show (THESE) Was produced in 2021 Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, both of the PlayStation-Community and the most successful console launch in PlayStation history as well as the “best launch line-up ever“.

Only those who know the version of the Sony trailer as it was shown at the CES in mid-January will notice an apparently small difference, but one that is very informative. In the original version, at the end of the Clips Information on the Releases from eleven Play for the PlayStation5, so to speak “in the small print”. Now the trailer has been re-cut. ©

 The  new version became the Release dates the games removed.

It is therefore to be feared that there will be further Shifts for titles that are already expected – and that Sony apparently doesn’t even know when a binding release can be promised. In the worst case, fewer titles will appear in 2021 than SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) originally planned.

© The  release dates for eleven upcoming titles in the original version of the trailer included “Kena: Bridge of Spirits“(March 2021),”Ghostwire: Tokyo“(October 2021) and”Stray“(October 2021). In the edited version, which was available after the CES, all of these details are missing.Horizon: Forbidden West“, “Ratchet & Clank” such as “ReturnalA specific date is only given for the latter – March 19th.

For the other two, the year 2021 is only vaguely specified. ©

 The  reasons for the postponements remain open. It is speculated that the consequences of Corona-Pandemie and the associated protective measures that have an impact on the world of work are also shown here with a time lag.

New “Uncharted” in the pipeline?

At least there is a ray of hope if you believe the rumor mill. A “secretSony-Studio in San Diego should develop well-known titles. That can be seen from the LinkedIn text of the former Sony studio boss Michael Mumbauer Derive: “His latest accomplishment is building a brand new all-star AAA action / adventure development team for PlayStation. Based in San Diego and using proprietary Engine-Technology the team was put together to existing franchises to expand and to develop new stories for the next generation of players. “After Mumbauer with the previous”Uncharted“-Games was involved, fans hope that the well-known Frachises are the Nathan Drake brand that will possibly flank the theatrical version.

One track could be a video by a YouTuber from 2018, which is dedicated to the question of whether “Uncharted 5“originates in San Diego – Mumbauer has placed it on his profile between his own videos. Until there is reliable information, however, this will remain a mixture of hobby detective work and reading coffee grounds.
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Bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps also characterize the gaming year 2020. ©

 The  biggest upsets and scandals in retrospect.

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PS5 addition console game starts delayed


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