PS5 pre-orders: Saturn is warned by consumer advocates


It is well known that you are currently looking in vain for Sony’s PlayStation 5 in retail. However, a large number of pre-orders are currently still waiting for their consoles. © The  PS5 was officially released on November 19, 2020. ©

 The  long waiting times have now called the consumer center Saxony on the plan. This criticized the process of pre-orders as well as the subsequent deliveries. For this reason, the consumer center has now issued a warning to the retailer Saturn.


 The  imprecise formulation in the company’s terms and conditions is primarily criticized. This does not indicate how long the customer’s payments will be withheld. Although it is possible to cancel the pre-order, this should only be an option for very few gamers. Ultimately, there is currently no alternative but to wait. Customers also complain about the retailer’s lack of communication. A 14-day status report would certainly not be asking too much at this point. After all, the players park a not exactly small amount in the company’s accounts.


 The  consumer advice center also complained about the missing order confirmation. ©

 The  legal requirements oblige an online retailer to send a corresponding confirmation after ordering. However, this was not done when pre-ordering the PlayStation 5. Should the electronics retailer not give in, the consumer advocates have already announced that they will enforce their claims in court.

It is currently unclear how possible changes to the terms and conditions could affect pre-orders for the PS5. ©

 The  longer the delivery is delayed, the more likely it is that the retailer will be forced to cancel all pre-orders first. After all, the PlayStation 5 is now two months away. One cannot speak of a slight delay in delivery here.

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PS5 preorders Saturn warned consumer advocates


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