Pulmonologist on possible Covid 19 symptom: “Shortness of breath must always be clarified”


Should I go to the emergency room every time I have difficulty breathing? Or are there different escalation levels?

Whenever you have the feeling that you cannot get enough air, it has to be clarified. In most cases, Covid is not the cause, but it is always a finding that needs clarification. You first go to the family doctor, who then decides how to proceed. The problem with Corona is that you sometimes don’t notice that it is difficult to take up oxygen. So you can suffer from shortness of breath without realizing it yourself. This is why the oxygen saturation in the blood of patients who are on the ward is measured regularly. If it falls off, action is taken. It is also typical of Corona that you sometimes suffer from severe shortness of breath, but only feel slight shortness of breath: You have a bit of shortness of breath during exercise, but you can still go to the toilet or climb a few stairs. If you then measure, you may see that the oxygen saturation is already very bad.

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Pulmonologist Covid symptom Shortness breath clarified


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