Quiz: How many motorway service areas in Switzerland can you list?


So few cars on a Swiss rest stop are probably rare. PICTURED: KEYSTONE


Pass the rest stop test or you will have to forego the pee break next time

Sandro Zappella

Sandro Zappella

Dear quizzticle class

Last week I wanted to know from you how many of the 50 coldest countries in the world you can list.

You did very well and gave an average of 70% correct answers. 3.8% knew all 50 countries, 25.4% got the 6 with at least 45 correct countries. 81.6% were sufficient, which suggests that the quizzticle was rather on the (too) easy side.

© www.de24.news The  simplest answer was Russia, 98.2% knew that, the most difficult was Montenegro, 36.3% thought it would.


In Montenegro you can definitely ski, like here in Zabljak. image: shutterstock

Because you were so good last week, it will be even more difficult today. We are staying in a cold country, namely Switzerland. Today I want to know how many motorway service areas you can list.

© www.de24.news The  quiz: motorway service areas

  • List as many Swiss motorway service areas as possible.
  • © www.de24.news The  rest stops are arranged by canton.
  • © www.de24.news The  highway on which the rest stop is located serves as a reference.
  • You don’t have to enter the states in the correct order.
  • © www.de24.news The  countdown is on, you have 20 minutes.
  • Press «Play» and off you go!

Your grade

20-40 points: 6.0
17-19 points: 5.5
14-16 points: 5.0
11-13 points: 4.5
8-10 points: 4.0
Under 8 points: detention


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