Racist attack in Berlin-Kreuzberg: Drunken CDU district politician rioted at Asia-Imbiss – Berlin


A Berlin district politician is said to have racially insulted, threatened and finally even attacked a snack bar employee in Kreuzberg. According to Tagesspiegel information, it is about the CDU decree Harald Sielaff, who is a member of the district council assembly (BVV) in Tempelhof-Schöneberg.

 The  employee of the “Asia Food & Sushi Bar” on Mehringdamm, who was the target of the attack, recognized the 55-year-old immediately in a photo that the Tagesspiegel presented to him on Monday. BVV circles also confirmed the personnel. © www.de24.news The  CDU in Tempelhof-Schöneberg did not want to comment so far, Sielaff did not respond to a callback request from the Tagesspiegel.

© www.de24.news

 The  incident took place on Sunday afternoon around 4:30 p.m., police reported on Monday. As the 41-year-old employee told Tagesspiegel, the CDU politician had ordered and was about to get his meal when he suddenly uttered a flood of abuse. Among other things, Sielaff is said to have yelled that “Chinese” are not welcome in the “Federal Republic of Germany”. “You live in a dictatorship – why are you here now?”

In addition, he is said to have asked the snack bar employee, a Vietnamese, to show residence documents and company documents, as the police further reported. When the latter refused, the attacker is said to have taken a plastic bottle from the counter and thrown it into the interior – the lid came off and the sweet and sour sauce hit the victim’s face and clothing.

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A witness immediately alerted the police and filed a complaint. © www.de24.news

 The  police checked the 55-year-old. He stated that he had drunk alcohol and handed the ID card to his district assembly. © www.de24.news

 The  police let him go a little later, and investigations are now underway for insult and property damage.

Sielaff’s football club relied on a Chinese billionaire

Sielaff is chairman of the committee for citizen services and regulatory affairs in BVV Tempelhof-Schöneberg as well as his parliamentary group’s spokesman for school and youth policy. In the past, he was also the second chairman of the Viktoria Berlin football club, which in 2018 wanted to move from the regional league to professional football with the help of a Chinese billionaire – but had to file for bankruptcy after just a few months. © www.de24.news

 The  club is also committed to the UEFA campaign “No to racism”.

“I have not yet experienced such an attack,” said the victim on Monday. © www.de24.news

 The  uncertainty after the attack was also noticeable in his boss: He hoped that he would not be blamed for this incident. (Tsp)

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