Rammstein singer Till Lindemann mistakenly donates to right-wing extremists – BZ Berlin


Last year, Rammstein front man Till Lindemann (58) donated signed T-shirts and books to the “Tattooed against Cancer” association. An organization that works to provide financial support to people with cancer, hospices and cancer wards in hospitals.

What few people know: “Tattooed people against cancer” was founded by the right-wing extremist Sebastian K., as the “Nordkurier” first reported.

Sebastian K. can be assigned to the right-wing extremist scene and was part of the Nazi comradeship “Werwölfe Wismar”, the rocker club “Schwarze Schar” and the Hells Angels in Rostock.

© www.de24.news The  organization was founded by Sebastian K. after his mother died of cancer in 2014. With the association he collects donations and passes them on.

Sebastian K. has already been happy about the “great donation” from the Rammstein singer in the past. But apparently even Lindemann did not know who was behind this organization.

A friend of BILD: “Till Lindemann never met Sebastian K. and despises any form of right-wing extremism. His only concern is the fight against cancer and helping those affected. Last year his best friend died of this disease. “

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Rammstein singer Lindemann mistakenly donates rightwing extremists Berlin


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