Recall at Edeka: there is a risk of suffocation and even internal bleeding – especially children in danger


The supermarket chain Edeka has called back to the public. The reason: Organic baby food sold can endanger the health of babies

  • Edeka is recalling the product “EDEKA organic blueberry in pear after the 4th month” in a 190 gram jar.
  • Only goods with the best before date of 28.07.2022 are affected by the recall.
  • The baby food was sold nationwide.

Hamburg – The trading giant Edeka cares with one high-profile recall caused a stir: sold organic porridge of the own brand “EDEKA organic blueberry in pear after the 4th month” can broken glass contain. Depending on their size and condition, the dangerous splinters can cause cuts and injuries to the esophagus and internal organs. By ingestion are Shortness of breath and risk of suffocation also not to be excluded.

The risk is therefore particularly high with small children. The affected are the 190mm glasses with the best before date 07/28/2022. Feeding is not recommended to customers who bought the product. The supermarket chain justified the recall with “preventive consumer protection“Which cannot be guaranteed due to the products sold. Edeka announced that no other products of the “EDEKA Bio” brand would be affected by the recall campaign. In addition, batches with a best-before date other than 07/28/2022 are harmless. The product was “predominantly” at Edeka and Marktkauf offered.

Edeka recall: The product is affected

Glass splinters: EDEKA recalls organic baby food


Edeka: Reimbursement of the purchase price even without a receipt

In the announcement from Thursday (07.01.2021) Edeka also confirmed that the Refund of the purchase price Successful even without a receipt. Customers who bought the affected product can return it to theirs for a refund of the purchase price Shops hand back.

Despite the quick and transparent response from Edeka, the product went into circulation. The company assured, however, that “the trading companies concerned responded immediately (…) and immediately removed the relevant goods from sale”. Edeka made no statement about the fact how the glass splinters got into the baby food.

Edeka recall: This is what customers need to be aware of

When a company is a defective product calls back, it removes it from the sale to prevent further spread of the defective product. Notices in the sales outlets and public notices offer companies the opportunity to draw attention to the recalled product. Affected customers can, as a rule, find the defective product in the store hand back. The purchase price will be refunded. (cf.)

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Recall Edeka risk suffocation internal bleeding children danger


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