Recall / Real: Meat product poses serious risk for customers


The supermarket chain real is currently affected by a recall.

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Recall at the Real supermarket: A popular frozen product is contaminated with a dangerous pathogen. Customers can return the product.

Germany Alexander Eyckeler GmbH has one recall reported via an article from the company. It is available nationwide in the branches of the supermarket chain Real sold.

Supermarket Real
Headquarters Mönchengladbach
founding 1992 in Germany

Recall at Real: Manufacturer warns against eating lamb from the freezer

Of the recall the product “ Lamb chop cut deep-frozen “with the best before date (best before date) 30.01.2022. The packaging contains 0.5 kilograms and is labeled “prepared for Alliance Group Limited New Zealand”.

As communicates, is that flesh with lot number 50 9051 concerned. The barcode also shows 281939. But why is the article at Real called back?

Frozen products at Real contain EHEC pathogens – recall and warning

As the producer, Alexander Eyckeler GmbH, reports, enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli pathogens were found in the product. These are also better under the abbreviation EHEC known.

The EHEC-Bacterium can cause severe diarrhea as well Kidney failure trigger. In the worst case, an infection can be fatal. Therapy proves difficult because the Germs react extremely aggressively to antibiotics.

As reported a sufficient heating through Inactivation of the pathogen guarantee. Still can Customers the product at Real hand back. The purchase price will be refunded even without presenting the receipt. Aldi is also currently being recalled because of a dangerous pathogen.

Recalls in supermarkets like Real, Edeka and Lidl – why they occur more often

It is now more and more common that Products be recalled and taken off the market. But that’s not because of the inferior quality of the products offered in supermarkets and discounters, the standards in Germany are still high.

Attention call back! Mold poison discovered in product at Rewe

Manufacturers are simply more responsible than before. Every year over 500,000 establishments of the around 1.2 million companies registered in the food industry are inspected. Knowing or suspecting that Risk from the product the competent authority must be informed immediately.

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