Relaxation for Vaccinated People: A Question of Solidarity – Politics



Wolfgang Janisch, Karlsruhe

 The  Germany vaccination is still making slow progress, but it is foreseeable that the matter will pick up speed. Production capacities are expanded, new vaccines are approved; the curve of the vaccinated – there are currently around 1.4 million – should hopefully soon rise as steeply as we saw in the case of infections and deaths this shocking autumn. And the higher the number of immunized, the more urgent a question arises that Jens Spahn and Horst Seehofer wanted to moderate with terms such as “privileges” or “special rights”: Will the vaccinated soon get their freedom back – or at least part of it? Or do they have to wait for all the others who rank behind them in the sequence of vaccination priorities?

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Relaxation Vaccinated People Question Solidarity Politics


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